Springtime for Springsteen

Join Sean and Matt as they begin their exploration into the life, history, and works of the Boss (and, who could forget, the E Street Band), and listen as two friends work on their dream.


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#83: 5th Annual 'Movie Awards Spectacular' Special

It's everyone's favorite season, when the stars come out and the films reign supreme! Genesis and Jon are back in Bah Shteve Studios with youth correspondent and ingénue Lydia to break down a wonderful year at the cinema. Matt tries to carry through on a promise to only cover the Independent Spirit Awards, but Sean and the gang bring him back down to Oscar earth.



#82: In The Air Tonight

Matt Manning hangs out with Sean and Matt and brings some hard hitting analysis of Phil Collins' magnum opus, specifically how its been interpreted through the years. They explore the relationship between covers and the decline of American society in late-stage capitalism. Don't worry if it sounds too heavy, Springheads, there's plenty of goofs and laughs abound!



#80: Arrivederci, 2019

Mike Hartwell joins the boys to recap another messy year. They go over their favorite music (and films/TV, because Sean doesn't listen to anything); later, they provide prudent advice for thriving in 2020. Plant a tree!


 2020-01-06  1h57m

#81: A Night in Birdland

Christmastime is here and we've got the Seltzer Sisters themselves joining Sean and Matt to celebrate the season! Kiir and Katie help recap a tumultuous holiday visit to Guy Fieri's restaurant, debate Bruce's legacy in our current cultural milieu, and make some 2020 resolutions. Pop open a trash can full of nachos, slather yourself in donkey sauce, and listen as your Christmas dreams come true, Springheads!


 2019-12-23  1h9m

#79: We Like to Party

Two new friends, Zach and Maddy, pile into Bah Shteve Studios and share their Springsteen stories (or lack thereof). Along the way, Sean and Matt continue their years-long debate on Bruce's female preferences, find out about a certain Crow sighting, and answer a pertinent question in the voicemail box (call in at 443-VAN-XLXO!). This is a party you don't wanna miss!


 2019-12-09  58m

#78: Jesus Is Just Alright

Sean continues his education in Kanye with a walkthrough of West's new project, Jesus Is King. Later, the boys review their night with some familiar musical heroes and wrap up some loose ends from Bruce's Hollywood press tour.


 2019-11-17  1h9m

#77: Sadbois at the Cinema

In theatres for one week only, Sean and Matt made separate pilgrimages to see Bruce's big screen debut, the companion film to his 2019 album Western Stars. It turned out to be quite the emotional rollercoaster, not only for them, but also for a special friend of the show who joins via voicemail. Hold someone you love and listen to the SFS official review!


 2019-11-04  59m

#76: Bruce's Big Day

It's Bruce's 70th birthday, so Sean and Matt fire up their computers and plug into Virtual Bah Shteve Studios to cover the festivities. Later on, the boys get ready for their rendezvous with another golden oldie, and reminisce about the greatest '76 of them all: 1776. Make sure to pack your rations and your parachute for another classic episode!


 2019-09-24  1h31m

#75: Blinded by the Light

Spoiler alert: the boys finally saw Blinded by the Light, a shoddy yet endearing entry in the Bruce fan art pantheon. In true Jersey fashion, godfather of the cast Jon Jacobs comes along for some hot takes on the film, and just like Don Corleone, they don't pull any punches or leave any cannolis behind. Springheads, you've been warned, major plot details follow!


 2019-09-02  1h18m

#74: Brothers and Sisters

We've got not one, but two guests in Bah Shteve Studios this week, and spoiler alert: they don't know much about Bruce! Kiir and Katie join Sean and Matt for a rip roaring ep: while getting derailed with some exciting new music from a couple of Chicago rappers, they make time for some classic covers and some classic speculation on Bruce's sexual preferences. It's a hot dog of an episode that you don't wanna miss!


 2019-08-19  1h19m