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#43: Rooney's Return

After a nice long break following our three part Marvel episode, We're finally back to slap you upside your earholes with entertainment currents and laughs abound! Join Jesse and Brandon as we run down the week's news and releases! PRESS PLAY or DOWNLOAD


 2015-10-01  n/a

#42: Fearection

After a losing battle with gravity, we're back on track and finishing off part three of our Marvel Movie roundup! Join Jesse, Mike, and Brandon as we discuss the end of Marvel Phase 2, and speculate on the future of the series. March along by pressing PLA


 2015-09-10  n/a

#41: Hit with Water and Fed After Midnight

It's our Marvel Special, Part 2 of 3! Let's travel from 2008 to today. Fire-pissing, strange catchphrase origins, exploding acrobats, everything you can ask for, really! This portion of our Marvel Movie History covers some territory we've already been ove


 2015-08-27  n/a

#40: Wolverine's Dad Bod

Our three-part Marvel retrospective/introspective begins here, as we cover their rip-roarin' movies from 1986 all the way to 2007! Join us for emo flip-hairs, post-it notes from Blade, and nukes from orbit. PRESS PLAY or download via the triangle in the u


 2015-08-21  n/a

#39: All Kinds of Ryan Reynolds Face

Jesse and Brandon throw some rapid fire news straight into your earholes in this brand spankin' new episode! This week we procrastinate even more on our Marvel Cinematic Universe plans due to all of the hot-off-the-press action. Enjoy!


 2015-08-11  n/a

#38: Scientology, You Gotta Try It

Hey, folks! It's our A.I. episode, with reviews of two recent home video releases, Chappie* and Ex Machina, but not before we talk about the success of Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, the end of Key and Peele, the departure of Jon Stewart from The Dai


 2015-08-05  n/a

#37: Before You Pull Out Your Zippo (August '15 Movies Rundown)

One of the few August flicks that looks goodCount! How many movies are coming out in August? How many types of animal poo do we describe them by? How many times do Mike and Jesse digress from Brandon's rundown? All this, plus reactions to recent home vide


 2015-07-28  22m

#36: Disney Rules the World

Jesse, Brandon, and Mike have reviews of Inside Out and Ant-Man, and wax nostalgic over the career of video game legend Satoru Iwata, gone from this world and many others way too soon. Laugh, cry, and talk over us by pressing play below or downloadi


 2015-07-22  n/a

#35: Counting Yells For the Horde! (Comic Con Edition)

Welcome one, welcome all (preferably all) to the San Diego Comic Con wrap-up edition of The Square Peg Show! Join Jesse and Brandon (late as usual) as they discuss the major news out of the annual movie convention that happens to sell comics. They ch


 2015-07-18  n/a

#34: HBO Presents: S#!t Runs Downhill (Game of Thrones Sn 5 Talk, Part 2)

Our second half of the GoT season rehash starts here, as we talk about the Lannisters, the Targaryens, and all things season 5! Download here or press play below! Check out part 1 below this post and all of our Game of Thrones podcasts


 2015-07-07  n/a