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episode 237: Platforms of Freedom *UNLOCKED*

In this UNLOCKED bonus episode, Aaron and Shawn think through what a democratic social technology might look like, building on concepts from social ecology and tools on existing digital platforms. Become a...



episode 273: TEASER - Hostile Library Socialist Q&A

In the new BONUS episode of SRSLY WRONG, and 3rd in the Q&A series, Aaron and Shawn respond to YouTube comments that are hostile to Library Socialism, looking for slivers of genius....



episode 272: Library Socialism Q&A: Delicious Food (and other consumables)

In our second Library Socialism Q&A we are answering all of your food-related questions! How do we librarify food? What will Utopian food production look like? Should we abolish restaurants? Grocery Stores?...



episode 271: That Sarcastic Twitter Voice Thing & Other Mildly Pleasurable Annoyances (TEASER)

Here’s a SPECIAL PREVIEW of episode 271, which is a BONUS EPISODE you can listen to here if you donate that “sweet six” at $6/mo or more and become a verified BEAUTIFUL...



episode 270: The Future is Degrowth (w/ Aaron Vansintjan)

The ideology of infinite economic growth destroys the ecological foundations of human life, produces alienating ways of living and working, gives rise to undemocratic productive forces and techniques, and mismeasures our lives,...


 2022-11-02  1h57m

269. Capitalism & Childhood (w/ Franz)

Friend-of-the-show Franz joins us to talk about capitalist childhoods, social reproduction theory, and child liberation. Theme Song by Brain Tan: Support our show on Patreon:


 2022-10-17  1h43m

Check out our Cartoon Show "Papa & Boy" - out now!

Shawn & Aaron give a brief update on the Papa & Boy Cartoon series. (it’s out) Watch Episode One Free Watch the full Five-Episode Series on Means TV Recent Podcast Appearanc...


 2022-10-17  1m

episode 268: Shawn Saw a Whale (Magical)

Shawn shares the story of the time that an enormous orca whale approached him while he was kayaking the the gulf islands with his beloved girlfriend. Aaron and Shawn discuss whether it...


 2022-10-15  1h12m

episode 267: Library Socialism Q&A: Heirlooms and Motivation

The Wrong Boys respond to questions from the audience about Library Socialism. Covering topics ranging from holidays, motivation, democratic production, degrowth, disability justice, heirlooms and personal items, this ep is jam packed...


 2022-10-04  1h38m

episode 266: Think of the Children!

Discussing the ways that genuine and important concern for the welfare of children has been weaponized by bad actors in order to advance hierarchical political agendas, with a particular focus on “groomer”...


 2022-09-23  1h38m