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episode 297: Platform Decay, and How Amazon Raises Prices for Everyone (w/ Cory Doctorow)

We are joined by Cory Doctorow to discuss three of his recent books “Chokepoint Capitalism”, “The Internet Con”, and “The Lost Cause”. We discuss Enshittification, Monopolies, Interoperability, Green New Deals, and Library...


 October 7, 2023  1h35m

episode 296: Evolutionary Psychology: Rapey and Fake

Plunging into the strange (and often horrifying) world of academic evolutionary psychologists describing their own beliefs in public podcast appearances, we hear from and respond to David Buss, Randy Thornhill, Geoffrey Miller,...


 September 28, 2023  2h35m

episode 295: (TEASER) - Atlas Shrugged: The Movie 3: The Podcast 3

The culmination and crescendo of the Atlas Shrugged film series trilogy is a broken mess of a film that lays the contradictions at the heart of Rands philosophy bare for all to...


 September 13, 2023  9m

episode 294: (TEASER) Atlas Shrugged: The Movie 2: The Podcast 2

Part two of our Atlas Shrugged The Film The Podcast series. With a lower budget and an all-new cast, can this film do what the first couldn’t and convert the Wrong Boys...


 September 6, 2023  9m

episode 293: TEASER - Atlas Shrugged: The Movie: The Podcast, Pt 1

This is the first episode in a new Patreon series on the Atlas Shrugged film trilogy. Join us as we recount and critique the cinematic adaptation of the first third of Ayn...


 August 29, 2023  10m

292. Evo Psych Bullshit

What do you get what you take plain old patriarchy and apply a fresh new pseudo-scientific veneer of hierarchical naturalism? Get your mating preferences in order, start evaluating one another’s genes, and...


 August 15, 2023  2h39m

291. (TEASER) There’s More Than One Way to Lose a Banana

In this BONUS EPISODE, The Wrong Boys try their hand at a “classic srsly wrong” style episode, like the “good old days” and riff about a variety of subjects that happen to...


 July 28, 2023  6m

290 – Half Earth Socialism W/ Troy Vettese & Drew Pendergrass

We talk to utopian authors Troy Vettese & Drew Pendergrass about Half Earth Socialism, their vision for an egalitarian and ecological future. A future that rejects solar geoengineering and nuclear power in...


 July 18, 2023  2h27m

279. [UNLOCKED] The Golden Age of Internet Piracy

The Wrong Boys take a deep look at the history of copyright, rebut common arguments against online piracy, and stand in awe at the utopian possibilities of file sharing. Originally Released March...


 July 10, 2023  2h36m

episode 289: TEASER - Peterson's 12 Rules Part 3

This is a teaser for all an all-new BONUS episode on Patreon. There will be no digital kissing practice on portable nintendo this week, as we complete our analysis of Jordan Peterson’s...


 June 29, 2023  6m