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Ep 141 – Diversity of Tactics

The utopian practice involves tirelessly working towards the ever-receding horizon of the best possible world for everyone. There’s a lot to be done, and a lot of different tactics that can be...


 2018-01-17  1h16m

Ep 140 – Comics and Activism (w/ Ad Astra Comix)

Shawn is joined by Nicole and Hugh from Ad Astra Comix to talk about their work, as well as the current state of activism and the left. Buy ‘The Beast’ and see...


 2018-01-10  1h34m

Ep 139 – Egoism and Non-Duality

Can Egoists be Communists? What exactly was this Max Stirner guy all about? And is everything a spook? All these answers and more when Aaron interviews Jordan and Chloe about leftist Egoism and...


 2018-01-01  1h8m

Ep 138 – Virtue Signalling (patreon episode)

“The biggest enemy of virtue is not those who do wrong, but those who signal virtue. Virtue is good, obviously, but signalling virtue is very bad. This is the extent of my...


 2017-12-22  9m

Ep 137 – EGGS

Everything you both do and don’t want to know about eggs leave us a voice message –   Contribute and get bonus episodes!


 2017-12-06  1h4m

w2t 136 – The Trump-Russia Investigation Investigation pt. 2

The Wrong Boys continue their investigation of the Trump-Russia investigation, detailing exactly what we know so far about the actions of the Trump’s staff and the Russian government during the last election....


 2017-11-30  1h21m

W2T 135 – The Trump-Russia Thing, pt.1

In this very special What to Think current events spectacular the Wrong Boys take on the biggest case of their lives and stumble into a lurid world of secret dossiers, kompromat, pee...


 2017-11-23  1h13m

Ep 134 – Creativity

A penetrating examination of creativity and all of its many aspects, starring Shawn, Aaron, and of course – Sparkle Baby.


 2017-11-16  54m

Ep 133 – “You guys aren’t cynical enough…”

This week the Wrong Boys address the criticism that they are far too optimistic and nowhere near cynical enough by getting down on their knees and worshiping the zero. leave us a...


 2017-11-01  41m

Ep 131 – The Genius of Mr. Rogers

A tribute to America’s greatest poet and philosopher, Fred Rogers.


 2017-10-17  1h8m