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Ep 68 – Sleep Deprivation

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 2016-03-02  1h18m

EP 61 – Pass the Salt!

One reality observed from multiple ideological angles. Stories about public conflict. Monkeys rubbin’ eachother’s backs. Hot, hot, tea. Call our toll-free hotline! 1-866-770-8754 Theme music: Trai Bo https://traibo.bandcamp.


 2016-01-11  58m

Ep 59 – The mythology of Star Wars, and the crucial role of its most important character – Jar Jar Binks, who deserves to be in Episode VII, or at least have his own spin off | Star Wars Revolution Theory Episode IV

Aaron and Shawn and a team of experts talk about mythology, Star Wars and lay out the case why we should all love Jar Jar Binks. This is the first in an...


 2015-10-11  1h1m

Ep 51 – What-Is-Ism, ETC

This very special episode has a taste of just about everything, from the ideological framework of ‘What-Is-Ism’ to the expropriation of high frequency trading machines, kissing, breatharians, Bill Cosby, and a whole lot...


 2015-07-30  n/a

Ep 46 – Up is Down

Up is down. It isn’t what it is. Sometimes you win by not winning. This episode is about taking the high ground to the high ground. Undermining the underminers. This episode will...


 2015-05-27  1h7m

Episode 0 – Seriously Wrong

Aaron and Shawn talk about communication, the ideological babelfish, and being a world peace keeper. They celebrate Osama Bin Laden’s birthday. featuring a theme song from trai bo Jazz Music Provided...


 2015-03-12  1h19m

Ep 38 – Our Pejorative Universe

This Week: Aaron and Shawn prove what lazy godless libertarian communists can do. Featuring several bonus lazy godless libertarian communists. Intro Music Bed: Fanfare for Space by Incompetech Theme Song performed by:...


 2015-01-21  56m

Ep 26 – The Bible as a Revolutionary Toolkit (w/ DJ Matt Hogan)

Jesus was a communist! Hear all about how and why the bible is a revolutionary’s handbook and the antecedent for modern Individualism, Existentialism, Democracy, and Communism as Shawn and Aaron are joined...


 2014-10-28  n/a

Ep 14 – Partyboat Nihilism (w/ Mike Dewar)

Mike Dewar was once the co-chair of the youth wing of the Canadian Green Party. Like a werewolf, he has transformed into an Ayn Rand reading Albertan Tar Sands Oil Man. Shawn,...


 2014-08-06  1h24m

Ep 12 – Hating The Good For The Love of The Perfect

Shawn and Aaron explore the Dunning-Kruger effect, the narcissism of small differences, the burden of knowledge and impart you with a brand new cognitive tool designed to make getting along that much...


 2014-07-21  1h10m