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Who hasn’t spent a night discussing politics down the pub? At Deutsche Welle’s weekly “Stammtisch” podcast, Berlin’s political aficionados make sense of what’s happening in Germany and beyond.

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Stammtisch - Political island in the sun

We're getting ready for a summer break at Stammtisch in the last episode of the season. But before we roll out those beach towels to reserve a sunny spot in Germany's seventeeth Bundesland, New York Time's Melissa Eddy and Die Zeit's Ferdinand Otto join Damien McGuinness and Michaela Küfner for a look ahead to the rest of the summer. Plus, we have all the usual political gossip from Berlin.


 2019-06-14  29m

Stammtisch - GroKo SOS: Merkel's government on the brink crisis — again!

Yet another government crisis has been avoided in Berlin — for now! This week Damien McGuinness and Michaela Küfner are joined by ECFR's Almut Möller and Yahoo News' Jill Petzinger and they see what the surprise resignation of the Social Democrats' party leader means not Chancellor Angela Merkel's "Grand Coalition." Not that there's much grand about it these days!


 2019-06-07  34m

Stammtisch: Would I lie to you, baby? - Life in the post-truth era

Sweet little lies, or big massive whoppers? Either way, truth is a flexible concept in politics these days. So this week we're talking dodgy facts and fake news. Can Dundar, Nanjira Sambuli and Andreas Kappes join Damien McGuinness and Kate Brady for a special edition of Stammtich, live from the Global Media Forum in Bonn.


 2019-05-31  35m

Stammtisch - populism: dirty politics or taboo-breaking bravery?  

As the EU votes for a new parliament we tackle populists. Who are they? How well are they doing? And have we reached peak populism? DW Stammtisch hosts Damien McGuinness and Michaela Küfner cater to the masses with the ever-popular Emily Schultheis, from the Institute of Current World Affairs, and Berlin Policy Journal’s Bettina Vestring.


 2019-05-24  34m

Stammtisch - Glitz, glam and glitter: Eurovision meet EU elections

Is the Eurovision Song Contest the European Union on a three-drink-minimum? Find out, as this week not only popstars are on the ballot, but so are EU parliamentarians. Stammtisch host Damien McGuinness fires up the confetti canon and goes glam as DW's Michaela Küfner, Jessica Saltz from Euronews and the Economist’s Tom Nuttall talk European voting habits – both musical and political.


 2019-05-17  32m

Stammtisch - Weapon of choice: German arms sales

It seems German arms are, indeed, the weapon of choice for many countries. So where are they going? What are they being used for? And is Germany really as peace-loving as it makes itself out to be? Damien McGuinness and Michaela Küfner are joined by Jana Puglierin from the German Council on Foreign Relations and DW's Ben Knight for the latest political chatter from Berlin.


 2019-05-10  32m

Stammtisch - Tanze Samba mit mir: Germany and Latin America

Damien McGuinness gets his samba on this week with Thomas Sparrow, William Noah Glucroft, and Carnegie Europe's Judy Dempsey, as we ask: what's behind Germany's sudden interest in Latin America? Is this the start of new foreign policy or is Foreign Minister Heiko Maas just in it for the mezcal? Plus, we have all the usual political chatter from Berlin.


 2019-05-03  32m

Stammtisch - European elections: Who do EU think you are?

There's just a month to go till the EU heads to the polls. So what's on the German agenda? And do Germans even care? DW Stammtisch hosts Damien McGuinness and Michaela Küfner hit the campaign trail with The Economist's Tom Nuttall and journalist Emmanuelle Chaze. Plus, we unearth Germany's mysterious love for "Spargelzeit."


 2019-04-26  30m

Stammtisch: There's no place like home - Germany's housing crisis

With rents sky-rocketing and construction scarce, Germany has found itself in a housing crisis. Is the bubble about to burst? And what does pricey property mean for Angela Merkel's government? Stammtisch hosts Damien McGuinness and Michaela Küfner go on a heroic house hunt with journalist and Institute of Current World Affairs fellow Emily Schultheis and FAZ correspondent Ferdinand Otto.


 2019-04-19  31m

Stammtisch: Brexit Berlin - Not yet auf Wiedersehen!

We've lifted our Brexit ban as we catch up with the latest escapades at the Stammtisch seaside. What role did Germany and Angela Merkel play in the second Brexit extension? Did Germany miss its chance to avoid Brexit? Die Welt correspondent Robin Alexander and Berlin Policy Journal's Bettina Vestring answer all that and more as they join Stammtisch hosts Damien McGuinness and Michaela Küfner.


 2019-04-12  30m