Stammtisch - the latest political chatter from Berlin

Who hasn’t spent a night discussing politics down the pub? At Deutsche Welle’s weekly “Stammtisch” podcast, Berlin’s political aficionados make sense of what’s happening in Germany and beyond.

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Stammtisch - Bavarians at the Berlin gate

The German government has been in office for 100 days, but nobody cares since Chancellor Merkel is butting heads with Bavarian conservative and Interior minister Seehofer over immigration politics. Damien McGuinness and Jeremy Cliffe are joined by Andrea Shalal and Max Koschyk to roll the dice on Angela Merkel's survival skills - and ponder the future of resident psychic hamster Billie.


 2018-06-22  31m

Stammtisch - To Russia with football love?

Can soccer ease tensions between Moscow and the West? What does camp 1970s disco have to do with the German national squad? And why is Michaela's hamster eagerly awaiting this year's football World Cup in Russia? Damien McGuinness and Michaela Kuefner are joined by Vladimir Episov and Christian Trippe to chat animal oracles and sketchy soccer songs.


 2018-06-15  33m

Stammtisch - Chancellor's Question Time

Inspired by the UK's "Prime Minister's Questions," the German Bundestag attempted to step up its debating game this week and directly questioned Chancellor Merkel for the first time in her 13 years in office. Was the grilling everyone was hoping for or did Merkel just come off lightly toasted? New York Times' Melissa Eddy and The Economist's Jeremy Cliffe join this week's Stammtisch to find out.


 2018-06-08  30m

Stammtisch - Migration: Willkommen in Deutschland

Three years on since the so-called refugee crisis, Stammtisch looks at Germany's migration policy as the integration of hundreds of thousands of refugees gets underway. This week, Austin Davies and Jeremy Cliffe join us to assess the new challenges. Or were the problems there all along?


 2018-06-01  30m

Stammtisch - No tents, no pants: the state of Germany's defense

Helmets without screws, tornados with broken ejection seats - even the thermal underpants are missing. What does the future hold for Germany's cash-strapped army? Join Damien McGuinness and Michaela Küfner on this week’s Stammtisch as they take stock of the German armed forces with guests Judy Dempsey of Carnegie Europe and Gustav Gressel from ECFR.


 2018-05-25  35m

Stammtisch - Alternative for Germany: Media fairplay or far-right satirical fodder?

The far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) made it into the Bundestag in September. But how did the euroskeptic party become the anti-immigrant, tweed-wearing party of today? Hosts Damien McGuinness and Michaela Küfner are joined this week by Wall Street Journal correspondent Bojan Pancevski and DW's Linda Vierecke to assess how the far-right party is treated in the media and the Bundestag.


 2018-05-18  32m

Stammtisch - The Eurovision edition: wind machines, sequins and politics

Known for the politics as much as the music, Eurovision can shed more light on EU relations than a Brussels summit. So which EU leader has the winning style? Is Merkel on key? Should Macron fire the backing dancers? Stammtisch hosts Damien McGuinness and Michaela Küfner are joined this week by The Economist’s Jeremy Cliffe and the Körber Stiftung’s Liana Fix to award the coveted “douze points.”


 2018-05-11  32m

Stammtisch - Why is Germany Europe's digital dunce?

Never mind 4G or 5G, in Germany 3G is still a bit touch-and-go. Why is it that a country so rich is such a digital slacker? And why is the fax machine still going strong? Ditch the signatures, faxes and scanning machines – Damien McGuinness, Michaela Küfner and Chris Koever jealously listen to Maris Hellrand, as she explains how in her native Estonia, mouse-clicks do it all instead.


 2018-05-04  32m