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episode 255: SIM Ep 255 Gig 44; Lederer, Adams and Millican

Back in April, Mickey and Hannah met comedian Jayde Adams and the legend that is Helen Lederer for another weird and wonderful In Conversation event. And this time, the boss, Sarah Millican dropped in, too. We talked about what we'd save from our ...



SIM Ep 244 Chops 103: Period power with Maisie Hill

The menstrual cycle: it and its associated hormones (big hitters = oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone) have a massive impact on women's lives. And it's not all painful cramps and mood swings. You may have heard Mickey advertising an Aud...



SIM Ep 244 Outside The Box #12

A bonus edition of Outside the Box this week, because TV keeps being so relentlessly good. This time we talk Ghosts, Black Mirror, Jessica Jones, The Handmaid's Tale and Years and Years. Plus, there's news of some long-awaited returning serie...


 2019-06-21  33m

episode 243: SIM Ep 243 Pod 77: refugees, elephants, Olympic legends and 1984

Sarah Millican – that’s right, the boss herself! – gets involved in this episode to talk about her new Radio 4 panel show, Elephant In The Room, which starts on Thursday 27 June. Author Dina Nayeri joins Jen and Mick to discuss how we’re treating those...


 2019-06-19  59m

episode 241: SIM Ep 241 Chops 100: Susan Calman is (mostly) Sunny Side Up

Comedian and author Susan Calman chats to Mickey about her new book Sunny Side Up, covering all sorts of stuff, from how to navigate the depressing political environment of people yelling at each other on Twitter to making the future a kinder place for...


 2019-06-16  37m

SIM Ep 242 Chops 101: The politics of drugs

Michael Gove's recent admission that he took cocaine in the past has seemingly affected his chances of becoming our next Prime Minister. But does anyone actually care? And if so, why? We chat to two experts, political commentator Ayesha Hazarika, ...


 2019-06-16  30m

SIM Ep 240 Pod 76: Shit therapy, crap laws, but some Calman sunshine at the end of the tunnel

This week we catch up with mental health writer Michelle Thomas about her debut book My Shit Therapist. Frances Ridout, director of the Legal Advice Centre at Queen Mary University London, pops by to tell us about the work she’s doing...


 2019-06-12  1h21m

SIM Ep 239 Chops 99: Tin-can cooking with Jack Monroe

With people finding it increasingly hard to make ends meet and growing numbers stockpiling in Brexit bunkers across the land, we caught up with food writer Jack Monroe to chat about her new book Tin Can Cook. Topics covered include ma...


 2019-06-09  20m

Ep 238 Outside The Box #11

Was May 2019 the best month of TV ever? Our Hannah thinks so. She, along with Mickey and Jen, talk HBO drama Chernobyl, Sally Wainwright's Gentleman Jack, Shane Meadows' The Virtues, the end of Vee...


 2019-06-07  25m

SIM Ep 237, Pod 75: The fight, the island and the fight on an island

This week, we chat the battle for the right to bodily autonomy in the southern states of America with Staci Fox of Planned Parenthood Southeast. Jen meets Helen Edmundson to talk about her timely adaptation of Andrea Levy's Small Island. ...


 2019-06-05  1h6m