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Sharing tips and strategies on how to look better naked and perform at your best with Todd Vande Hei, Amir Mofidi, Dr. Alice Nguyen, and Tyler Mounce.

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Low Testosterone

This week’s episode of Stark Naked Radio (brought to you by includes a discussion about low testosterone, the supplement Testoplex, follo


 2013-08-24  55m

Liver Health for Non-Alcoholics

Brad and Todd discuss the importance of liver health and reaching your health and fitness goals, as well as food you can eat and supplements to take.  The li


 2013-08-21  56m

New Technology and High Performance

Brad Davidson and Todd Vande Hei review ways of using technology to help monitor your body's performance and even provide a guide for how you should train.


 2013-08-21  58m

The Mother Hormone: Insulin

In this week's episode of Stark Naked Radio, Brad Davidson and Todd Vande Hei discuss the immune system and what to do or take to boost it.  They also review


 2013-08-04  1h0m

Lessons From Tactical Athletes

In this week's episode of Stark Naked Radio, Brad and Todd delve into the lessons to be learned from tactical athletes (SWAT, Navy Seals, etc.) and the simil


 2013-07-31  48m

Stubborn Fat on Women

In this week's episode of Stark Naked Radio, Brad Davidson and Todd Vande Hei delve into the details of one women's battle with her body fat from the waist,


 2013-07-25  54m

Smart Training

In this episode of Stark Naked Radio, Brad and Todd debunk common myths surrounding executive training and how to change your approach for better results.  The


 2013-07-24  1h1m

Sleep Your Way to Success

This episode's main topic is delving into how sleep affects your health, fitness, and goals to get Stark Naked.  Brad Davidson and Todd Vande Hei also discus


 2013-07-20  55m

Macro-Nutrient Timing

In this week’s episode Brad and Todd get into the nutrient contents of grass-fed butter, bison, and the bell pepper.  The main topic is macro-nutrient timing [.


 2013-06-27  53m

Female Fat Loss Myths

In this Stark Naked Radio episode, two of Stark's coaches are interviewed on the topic of weight loss and fat loss for women.  Tyler Mounce and Geoff Samson dis


 2013-06-21  54m