Starlight Society - Global Music Discovery

Starlight Society is about discovering new music from all throughout time and all across the world. We want to expose you to bands and sounds you've never been introduced to, or may have only heard in passing somewhere it didn't even register. We will bring you tunes from languages we don't speak, countries we've never been to and try to expose to stuff that you may just have never heard. Music discovery is hard. Let us be your guide.

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episode 285: Wherever You Go

New Fury In The Slaughterhouse. Fuck yeah.


 2020-10-30  3h25m

episode 284: "Everything's Gonna Be Alright"

Just keep telling yourself that...


 2020-10-20  3h4m

episode 283: Only Good Things

In which I return with one less tooth...


 2020-09-27  3h0m

episode 282: "If You're Doing It Right"

You won't know it if you're doing it right...


 2020-09-04  2h6m

episode 281: "Got Nothing To Say"



 2020-08-09  2h0m

episode 280: "I'm Always Alone"

Listen to the episode for archive note changes...


 2020-08-01  1h58m

episode 279: Angels Crash Inside

I'm just worn out...


 2020-07-26  2h45m

episode 278: The War Is Still Going On

How long is eternity?


 2020-07-18  2h0m

episode 277: "I Can Hear The Silence"

In which I implore you to listen to me talk...


 2020-07-11  2h3m

episode 276: "Love Me As I Am"

End of the month means a little short...


 2020-06-27  1h30m