Starlight Society - Global Music Discovery

Starlight Society is about discovering new music from all throughout time and all across the world. We want to expose you to bands and sounds you've never been introduced to, or may have only heard in passing somewhere it didn't even register. We will bring you tunes from languages we don't speak, countries we've never been to and try to expose to stuff that you may just have never heard. Music discovery is hard. Let us be your guide.

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#17 - "Precognitive Dissonance"

In which my cat jumps into the microphone


 2015-11-16  1h32m

#16 - "Annual Covers Show"

In which we play people playing other people's songs...


 2015-11-09  2h21m

#15 - "How's Your Life?"

In which we play The Rembrandts OTHER song...


 2015-11-02  1h27m

#14 - "The Radio Man Says"

In which the radio man is speaking...


 2015-10-26  1h21m

#13 - "You're Already On The Other Side"

The episode not for triskaidekaphobics...


 2015-10-19  1h31m

#12 - Goth Rock (Deep Dive)

Just in time for Halloween, it's a show about goth rock.


 2015-10-12  2h19m

#11 - "Like A Sales Force Into The Night"

The episode that goes to 11.


 2015-10-05  1h35m

#10 - "You Know Me"

In which we play acoustic shred metal and heavy metal cello, among other things...


 2015-09-28  1h23m

#9 - "Rammo In The Main Room"

In which I ascend to become God Emperor and spin some tunes...


 2015-09-21  1h30m

#8 - Omaha CHS Class of '95

In which we look at a weekend of my life through music.


 2015-09-14  2h35m