Startups For the Rest of Us

The longest running (and most popular) podcast for bootstrapped and mostly bootstrapped startups, this show follow the stories of founders as they start, acquire, and grow SaaS companies. Hear when they fail, struggle, succeed, and take you with them through the tumultuous life of a SaaS founder. If you like Mixergy, This Week in Startups, or SaaStr, you’ll enjoy Startup for the Rest of Us.

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Episode 567 | From Developer to CTO to Buying the Company for $1

In Episode 567, Rob Walling chats with Don Pottinger about joining a company as a developer, transitioning to CTO within 6 months, buying the company for $1, and then later on selling it for a life-changing sum of money. The topics we cover [1:13] Introd



Episode 566 | From Bootstrapped to Venture Backed with Hana Mohan

In Episode 566, Rob Walling chats with Hana Mohan about her journey as a SaaS founder. They compare and contrast bootstrapping and being venture-backed, hiring a chief of staff early on as a startup founder, and more. The topics we cover [2:17] Intro [3:



Episode 565 | Correlation vs. Causation, Focus, Sharing MRR, and More Listener Questions

In Episode 565, Rob Walling answers listener questions about focusing on one product vs multiple, sharing revenue metrics with early employees, and how to overcome the lack of motivation when starting new projects. The topics we cover [05:31] Focusing on



Episode 564 | Running a Business with 10,000 Paid Subscribers

In Episode 564, Rob Walling chats with Sol Orwell about growing his website, to millions of views per month, changing revenue models, and the importance of doing customer interviews. The topics we cover [2:14] Intro [3:06] How Examine started



Episode 563 | The Struggle, Calls to Action, Selling Above $1M ARR, and More Listener Questions

In Episode 563, Rob Walling answers listener questions about startup operating agreements for co-founders, common cloud hosting solutions, struggling as a young entrepreneur, and selling your startup when you have over $1M in annual recurring revenue. Th


 2021-08-17  28m

Episode 562.5 | TinySeed Fall 2021 SaaS Accelerator Application Info Session

The application for TinySeed’s Fall 2021 SaaS accelerator batch of startups will open for two weeks starting on August 9th, 2021. Watch the video recording of the Fall 2021 Batch Info Session here: Interested in applying? Joi


 2021-08-16  1h3m

Episode 562 |“Measure Twice, Cut Once” + SaaS Holy Grails (A Rob Solo Adventure)

In Episode 562, join Rob Walling for another solo adventure to talk about enterprise sales, mental frameworks for founders, undoable decisions, and how to handle being approached about an acquisition. The topics we cover [2:33] Enterprise sales advice [5


 2021-08-10  19m

Episode 561 | Launching on Product Hunt and DIY vs. DFY

In Episode 561, Rob Walling chats with Andy Cabasso, co-founder of Postaga, about launching on Product Hunt, having a done-for-you service in addition to a DIY self-service SaaS app, growing to a team of six people, having a free plan, and doing a ton of


 2021-08-03  36m

Episode 560 | When to Hire, Square Business Banking, and More Bootstrapper News

In Episode 560, Rob Walling is joined by Einar Vollset and Tracy Osborn to talk about deciding when it’s time to hire someone, how to think about which role to hire next, changing location to force productivity, and more. The topics we cover [2:52]


 2021-07-27  38m

Episode 559 | Bootstrapping a Two-Sided Marketplace with MicroAquire

In Episode 559, Rob Walling chats with Andrew Gazdecki, the founder of MicroAcquire, about bootstrapping a two-sided marketplace in a competitive industry. They talk about Andrew’s previous successes, including growing Bizness Apps to $10 million i


 2021-07-20  34m