Startups For the Rest of Us

The longest running (and most popular) podcast for bootstrapped and mostly bootstrapped startups, this show follow the stories of founders as they start, acquire, and grow SaaS companies. Hear when they fail, struggle, succeed, and take you with them through the tumultuous life of a SaaS founder. If you like Mixergy, This Week in Startups, or SaaStr, you’ll enjoy Startup for the Rest of Us.

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 2021-05-06  7m

Episode 548 | The Grind of Building a SaaS During Nights & Weekends

In Episode 548, Rob Walling chats with Zack Naylor about Aurelius and the harrowing tale of launching multiple times and having to rewrite and re-platform the codebase before finally finding success. They also discuss how to interpret feedback from your


 2021-05-04  34m

Episode 547 | Private Podcasting, Apple’s Announcement, and Accelerating Growth with Craig Hewitt

In Episode 547, Rob Walling chats with Craig Hewitt about private podcasting, Apple’s announcement around their subscription podcast offering as well as the accelerating growth of Castos. The topics we cover [1:22] Focusing on private podcasting at


 2021-04-27  36m

Episode 546 | Hiring Entrepreneurial People, Anonymity, Disruptive Innovation, and More Listener Questions

In Episode 546, Rob Walling flies solo for a Q&A episode. With a backlog of great listener questions, Rob discusses qualified small business stock (QSBS), hiring entrepreneurially-minded employees, indie hacking while working at a large company, and


 2021-04-20  25m

Episode 545 | The Value of Learning 80/20 Design Fundamentals

In Episode 545, Rob Walling chats with Tracy Osborn about the importance of learning design fundamentals for startup founders. They also discuss her new book and the pros/cons of self-publishing vs working with a publisher. The topics we cover [00:52] In


 2021-04-13  27m

Episode 544 | Annual Raises, Finding Good Startup People, and More Listener Questions with Josh Pigford

In this episode, Rob Walling is joined by Josh Pigford to answer listener questions, covering topics like annual pay increases, B2B SaaS price increases, white-label vs branded product, and hiring startup-minded people. The topics we cover [03:04] Buildi


 2021-04-06  46m

Episode 543 | All Things Startup with #Mike Taber

In Episode 543 of Startups For the Rest of Us, Rob is joined again by co-host emeritus, Mike Taber as he gives an update on all things startups and they analyze top tactics for superhero success. If you enjoyed this episode, let us know by clicking the l


 2021-04-01  12m

Episode 542 | 10x in Two Years, Past $3M ARR with SquadCast

In episode 542, Rob Walling chats with Zach Moreno, the Co-Founder and CEO of Squadcast about how they grew their revenue and surpassed $3 million in ARR as a mostly bootstrapped startup. They also discuss the role and importance of having a co-founder,


 2021-03-30  47m

Episode 541 | Faster Horses & Product Myths, Life-changing Money, Dual Funnels, and More

In episode 541, Rob Walling flies solo to discuss things like product myths and the misinterpreted Henry Ford quote, selling a company, defining life-changing money, and dual funnels. The topics we cover [02:48] Product myths and the misinterpreted Henry


 2021-03-23  26m

Episode 540 | Bootstrapper News. Twitter Spaces, Closing, Shopify, and More

In this episode, Rob talks with Tracy Osborn and Einar Vollset, about the recent news that’s come out in the bootstrapper community. They talk about the shutdown, the new features coming out on Twitter, LinkedIn’s new gig marketplace, and


 2021-03-16  47m