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Stateside 9.22.2016

Today, we discuss what really happened at Kinross prison on September 10 -- was it a riot, a disturbance? And, we hear about a Detroit graffiti case and the blurred line between political speech and crime.


 2016-09-23  48m

Stateside 9.21.2016

Today, amid national tension, we learn how one sheriff works to implement changes in training and community outreach. And, we hear how an ArtPrize installation unveils stories of human trafficking in Michigan.


 2016-09-22  47m

Stateside 9.20.2016

Today, we hear how men can work to undo rape culture and combat sexual violence. And, we explore a possible future for our roads: ultra-high performance concrete.


 2016-09-20  47m

Stateside 9.19.2016

Today, we check in with Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha a year after she proved elevated lead levels in Flint kids correlated with the switch to Flint River water. And, Michigan Radio's sports commentator breaks down the Lions' home opener.


 2016-09-19  17m

Stateside 9.16.2016

Today, we hear how private donations can influence public policy. And we learn there's a wide racial divide in Metro Detroit when it comes to how people view police.


 2016-09-16  49m

Stateside 9.15.2016

Today, we learn that hearing voices may, or may not, be associated with a mental health problem. And, we hear why it's crucial to give doctors more time to think about their patients' diagnoses.


 2016-09-15  48m

Stateside 9.14.2016

Today, we discuss the "questionable" report of a Marine trainee's suicide. And, we hear how humans could soon leave the Holocene behind by pushing Earth into a new geological era.


 2016-09-15  47m

West Michigan rapper uses rhyme to challenge stigma around mental illness

As part of our series "Minding Michigan," we explore mental health issues in our state. Today, we introduce you to Patrick Cleland, better known as Rick Chyme. He’s a rapper from West Michigan who's been collaborating with local artists from around the


 2016-09-14  4m

Stateside 9.13.2016

Today, we discuss the court ruling that upheld Michigan's emergency manager law. And, we learn what happens when parents disagree with schools over how best to teach kids with special needs.


 2016-09-13  48m

Stateside 9.12.2016

Today, we sit down with state House Speaker Kevin Cotter to explore some of the issues before the State House of Representatives. And, we learn how microlending can boost minority-owned business.


 2016-09-12  47m