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Stateside 9.1.2016

Today, we hear how Michigan may be overlooking its gifted students in schools. And, is it possible that the tattoo on your body isn't actually yours? To find individual interviews, click here or see below: Howes: Trump has it wrong about MichiganMusic


 2016-09-01  48m

Stateside 8.31.2016

Today, we learn that kids in Battle Creek will be going back to school without their cell phones (at least in class). And, we hear reactions to Trump's forthcoming third visit to Michigan.


 2016-08-31  45m

Stateside 8.30.2016

Today, could dental therapy improve access to care in Michigan? We hear both sides of the argument. And, we learn the results of the 2016 state standardized test, M-STEP.


 2016-08-30  47m

Stateside 8.29.2016

Today, we learn how kids feel racism through the media, and why it's our job to help them understand. And, we hear that Battle Creek wants to become America's test laboratory and lead the way to zero food waste.


 2016-08-29  48m

Stateside 8.26.2016

Today, we compare our state's rules on voter petitions with others across the country, and we meet a luthier in our Artisans of Michigan series.


 2016-08-27  49m

Stateside 8.25.2016

Today, we hear about possible upsides to the Flint water crisis. And, we learn how dirty surgical instruments could be endangering patients at the Detroit Medical Center.


 2016-08-26  48m

Stateside 8.24.2016

Today, guests discuss the latest chapter in the public rivalry between Governor Snyder and State Attorney General Bill Schuette. And, we hear a tale of two elephants who left the Detroit Zoo for a better life.


 2016-08-24  48m

Stateside 8.23.2016

Today, we hear a local NAACP leader explain how a report stressing the divide between Detroit and Grosse Pointe schools is flawed. And, we learn about the probable cause of rashes in Flint.


 2016-08-23  49m

Stateside 8.22.2016

Today, we're introduced to Michigan's newest political party. And, we hear how the battle over straight-ticket voting is shaping up to be a logistical nightmare for those preparing the ballots.


 2016-08-22  49m

Stateside 8.19.2016

Today, we hear how slightly tighter air quality regulations could save lives in Detroit and elsewhere. And, a human rights activist reflects on a federal judge's ruling against a transgender funeral director in Michigan.


 2016-08-19  49m