Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project

Posted on Tuesdays, Norm and Will discuss topics of interest with Adam--nothing is off-limits! Still Untitled covers everything from hot-button issues within the maker community to experiences from Adam's life to questions from the audience. Enjoy!

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Comic Con 2013 Edition - 7/23/2013

Adam, Will, and Norm get together while in San Diego for Comic-Con to discuss Comic-Con 2013, W00tstock 5.0, Adam Incognito, the best cosplay they saw at the show, and a whole lot more.


 2013-07-23  28m

Documentaries Worth Watching - 6/25/2013

Do you love documentaries? Adam, Will, and Norm discuss their favorites on this week's show. Share your favorite documentaries in the comments!


 2013-06-25  31m

Man of Steel: Spoilercast! - 6/18/2013

Adam and Norm discuss Man of Steel, and spoil pretty much the entire movie for Will. Adam also makes a shocking revelation, and the gang discusses books. Enjoy!


 2013-06-18  32m

The Google Hangout Q&A - 6/11/2013

This week, we try something a bit different. Adam and Will hop on a Google Hangout to answer questions live, as they're submitted from folks in the audience. Topics discussed included Google Glass, the NSA, Adam's box obsession, the ultimate bug-out bag, and a whole lot more.


 2013-06-11  33m

Blade Runner's Special Special Effects - 6/4/2013

This week, Adam explains the secret of Blade Runner's timeless special effects, it's connection to Star Wars, and the different ways images can be composited on a single piece of film. Enjoy!


 2013-06-04  26m

Will & Norm Visit Space - 5/14/2013

This week, Adam discusses the problem with golfing in a tuxedo on a canyon rim, while Norm and Will recount their recent visit to the Johnson Space Center. Learn about the second largest swimming pool in the world, what the Space Shuttle's crew area is really like, and why you don't want to be the person who opens an airliner's door.


 2013-05-21  29m

Completely Off Topic - 5/7/2013

The show goes off the rails in the first moment, completely skipping the planned topic in favor of a conversation about Adam, Norm, and Will's favorite director's commentaries, bonus features, and other DVD and Blu-ray extras. Post your favorite commentaries in the comments!


 2013-05-07  24m

Etsy Questions Answered! - 4/30/2013

In this week's super-sized episode, Adam answers questions submitted by Etsy users, including how he finds the best stuff on Etsy, how the indie crafts movement stacks up to mass production, and whether it's possible to swim in mayonnaise. Enjoy!


 2013-04-30  42m

Fox Vs. the Jayne Hat - 4/23/2013

Whether you're interested in panoramic photography or crafts and copyright, this week's show has something for you. The gang starts by discussing their techniques for shooting great panoramas, followed by a conversation about the complexities of copyright law and props.


 2013-04-23  21m

Best Vacation Ever! - 4/2/2013

Curious about Adam, Will, and Norm's favorite vacations as kids and/or adults? What about the minutiae of garbage cans? We cover all that, and a whole lot more as the gang discusses their favorite vacations.


 2013-04-02  21m