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episode 112: Are you on the right path, or do you need a correction?

Seneca says that the right path in life consists in a good conscience, honourable purposes, right actions, contempt of luck, and an attitude of equanimity toward whatever the universe throws our way.


 2018-05-16  2m

episode 111: Think and act the right way, happiness will flow

Marcus Aurelius maintains that if we think and act the right way our life will be an equable flow of happiness. This is because we will do our best, but look at outcomes with equanimity.


 2018-05-15  2m

episode 110: What is philosophy, anyway?

Epictetus says that philosophy begins with awareness of one's mental fitness. So let's work on that, shall we?


 2018-05-14  2m

episode 109: What about pleasure?

Seneca says the problem with pleasure is that if one is too much into it, it rushes us into the abyss of sorrow. So it's time to discuss what pleasure means for a practitioner of Stoicism.


 2018-05-11  2m

episode 108: If this were you last day, what would you be proud of?

Marcus writes near the end of his life about the sort of things he did that he values, from discounting honors and other externals to having been kind even toward people who were not kind to him.


 2018-05-10  2m

episode 107: Respond to insults as if you were a rock

Epictetus counsels us to react to insults as if we were a rock, that is, by ignoring them. An insult is only effective if you let it be, and that power resides exclusively in your own faculty of judgment.


 2018-05-09  3m

episode 106: Above all, learn how to feel joy

Rather unusual advise from Seneca to his friend Lucilius: learn how to feel joy. Which doesn't sound Stoic only if one buys into the incorrect stereotype of Stoicism as a practice to suppress emotions. Let's learn how to feel joy, then.


 2018-05-08  3m

episode 105: The duty of a social animal capable of reason

Marcus says that we have a duty to do what a social animal capable of reason ought to do. And that's to practice virtue for the betterment of humankind.


 2018-05-07  2m

episode 104: Epictetus and the open door policy: Stoicism and suicide

Tough topic for this episode: what is known as Epictetus' open door policy, that is, the Stoic idea that suicide is permissible, under certain circumstances. And indeed, that it is its possibility that gives us freedom and courage to fight on.


 2018-05-04  3m

episode 103: Take truth wherever you find it, it's public property

Seneca explains that one doesn't have to be an Epicurean in order to find value in the words of Epicurus. It's like in the Senate: you vote for the parts of a motion you approve of, and reject the rest.


 2018-05-03  1m