Stoic Mettle

Heard of Stoicism but don't know where to start? I have created the stoic training I wish I had gone through myself. Short, practical and actionable.

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episode 10: Step Into Others Minds


 2021-02-08  24m

episode 13: “If you wish to be a (blank); (ACTION)!"

“If you wish to be a writer; write!"


 2021-02-01  7m

 2021-02-01  6m

 2021-01-25  6m

episode 7: Living like Marcus Aurelius for a month

Musashi Video:


 2021-01-18  24m

episode 6: Think of yourself as dead: START FRESH!

Think of yourself as dead. You have lived your life. Now, take what's left and live it properly.


 2021-01-11  8m

episode 5: Stop talking about what the good man is like, and just be one.

The trailer I edited for my Wildman series:  Links to my new podcast 'Dispatches From A Wildman':


 2021-01-04  18m

episode 4: Creative Counseling with Terrence Layhew


 2020-12-29  53m

episode 3: Starting a literal HARD WINTERS TRAINING + announcing my *NEW* podcast

My new show is called Dispatches From A Wildman, it should be on every podcast player. email   if it's not somewhere. or if you want to say hello. or whatever just send me an email. wassup! Thanks for reading this I was going to put a bunch of...


 2020-12-21  9m

episode 2: I didn't eat for 7 days

Fake nature documentary:


 2020-12-09  2h0m