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Do you want storytelling fiction, or real horror? Mystery and Intrigue? Repaired classic Old Time Radio Drama's? Join me mates, for over 750 episodes on my NO AD Podcast with a HUGE variety of stories. There is literally a story for everyone on this Podcast and I can't wait to bring them to your lovely ears! ????

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Adventures of Morse - Cobra King Strikes Back Part 2 - Hidden Cobra Statue worth 5M

????Adventures of Morse - Cobra Strikes BACK!! ????
A cobra statue that is worth 5 MILLION Dollary-doo's is the next target for theft. And that theft would result in more than just a monetary loss, but a cultural change that would impact society across the board regarding this lost and ancient relic. Join me mates, for Part 2 of the Adventures of Morse!
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The Soul of Lilith Ch 5 & 6 | Lilith Speaks - Spirits in Pain - Dark Mystic Magic

????The Soul of Lilith #Audiobook! Chapters 5 & 6????
G’day, you legends, today mates I’m continuing our Audiobook titled The Soul of Lilith, Chapters 5 and 6, where:
• Lilith speaks for the first time.
• We learn that El Rami is hunting answers in the spirit realm, answers from the universe, for the universe.
• El Rami has a focus on death, the past, and the present.
• We learn more about El Rami’s powers…if they are indeed powers…or he is highly informed...



Cobra Stricks Back Series Ep1 - Flesh in his Handcuffs!

????HISSSS Welcome Listeners! ????
You'll be listening to COBRA STRIKES BACK Part 1 today, which is a slow burner episode from the Adventures of Morse series. This series was one that I could absolutely NEVER fix previously - it was far too difficult. Today is a mini-win, and although not perfect, shows how far I've been able to go, where a previously inoperable episode, is now repairable, and significantly improved...



The Soul of Lilith (AUDIOBOOK) Chapter 3 & 4 | Meet Feraz, Zaroba and Lilith | Dreamwalker

The Soul of Lilith #Audiobook! Chapters 3 & 4.
Today we meet Feraz, El Rami's brother, Zaroba the Scryer, and finally, are introduced to Lilith herself...and we discover....not all is well...but why? The mystery unfolds as it were...
Enjoy the episode mates! ????
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Stabbed in the Back | Mysterious Messenger | Murdered in the Dark | Nero Wolfe Mega Episode

The Final Page: A friend of Wolfe is found dead – Arthur Murl with a knife in his back!
The Tell Tale Ribbon: The mysterious Jenkins delivers an unknown note, and no-one knows WHO Jenkins is!
The Single Shot in the Dark: Tom Wilcocks, the man who is acquitted of murder – Shot….whilst on the phone to Archie
Now I’m not going to keep you waiting, because this is a big episode, so let’s jump on in...


 2022-08-29  1h29m

episode 802: (Audio Book Series) The Soul Of Lilith | El Rami The Mystic | Chapter 1 & 2

This story involves magic, soul manipulation, unique and strange characters, and all in all, a great narrative. It's a massive one, going at 44 chapters, but if we all enjoy it, I'll keep going till the end!


 2022-08-22  43m

episode 801: A Woman is Gagged & Archie and the Dentist are Shot! The Midnight Ride with Nero Wolfe

Welcome you li'l lovelies! ????
This episode is full of twists and turns, slip ups and missteps, like a set of stairs covered in slime. Join me, your Tale Teller for today’s remastered, corrected, and repaired, Old Time Radio episode of Nero Wolfe The Midnight Ride – and to those who are new, welcome, you’re hearing audio straight from the 1940’s, resuscitated with technology. Enjoy!
Enjoy the episode mates! ????
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 2022-08-15  33m

episode 800: 800th Episode: Hisashi Ouchi: The Walking Ghost - 83 Days till Death

Welcome you little lovelies! My 800th episode!!!
Radiation has always been an interest to humanity, it is both complex, volatile, and can be profoundly destructive. Since its discovery and weaponization, humanity has looked into the impacts of radiation on living organisms, especially humans...


 2022-08-08  40m

episode 799: The Disappearing Diamond | Nero Wolfe - Archie Duped ????????????

Welcome you little lovelies!
A thief is indicted for murder, when all he stole was as couple of rings…and nominal tokens of minor value…only to be pinned for murder.
Amongst all of this, we learn that, in this episode of Nero Wolfe…
• Archie falls in love…...


 2022-07-25  32m

episode 798: "HE" by H.P Lovecraft - Magic, Madness, and Spirits! WEIRD TALES!

HP Lovecraft is a fantastic author, that brought us Call of the Cthulhu, but I wanted to explore BEFORE those kickarse stories came about, before he got big and recognised. I wanted to find out what stories he wrote, prior to his big "future" break. So I bring you HE by HP Lovecraft, narrated and shared to you lovely listeners. Cheers mates! ???? ???? Donate and help the show improve: ???? iTunes Review: apple...


 2022-07-18  35m