Story Pirates

Story Pirates is a group of world-class actors, comedians, improvisers and musicians who adapt stories written by kids into sketch comedy and musical theater. Visit for more information on Story Pirates and how you can bring our live show to your school or town!

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episode 27: Sarah’s Song Story/The Door That No One Could Open (feat. Julie Andrews)

The Story Pirates’ ship enters one of the galaxy’s most dangerous spots, the Switcheroo Zone, and items on board start randomly turning into other things like spaghetti, space raccoons and...Julie Andrews.



episode 26: The Weird Food Club/The Girl Who Painted Everything

Lee takes a trip inside the heads of his Story Pirate friends.



episode 25: The Girl Who Wanted To Eat The Sky/The Dice That Didn’t Want To Be Rolled (feat. Aneesa Folds)

Rolo gets a puppy and learns some hard lessons about pet ownership in space.



episode 24: The Night I Started Sharing a Room With My Sister/Dogs With a Secret

Meghan starts a film festival on the ship and the Story Pirates flex their cinematic muscles.



One Little Pink Rose

In this special bonus episode, we return to a story from last season that reminds us of the need to stand up, take action and make our voices heard.


 2020-06-04  9m

episode 23: The Poisonous Butterfly/Cartwheel Girl

Lee blows off steam in the ship’s simulroom.


 2020-05-28  38m

episode 22: Chicken on a Motorcycle/The Donut Gymnast

Peter and Lee learn the shocking truth about Smitty.


 2020-05-21  39m

episode 21: Rosie the Rose/The Soup (feat. Kristen Bell)

A holographic motivational speaker encourages the Story Pirates to the extreme.


 2020-05-14  35m

episode 20: Every Midnight I Turn Into a Wolf/The Case of the Missing Files (feat. Lena Hall and George Basil)

A Party Planet tries to convince the Story Pirates to stick around and have some fun.


 2020-05-07  34m

DJ Squirm-a-Lot's Spring Break Mixtape

In this special bonus episode, everybody’s favorite worm DJ smashes the spacebar for some of our favorite songs and deep cuts from the podcast.


 2020-04-30  46m