Every season is a different fictional tale. A mini-series for the ears. Every season will introduce a new genre, a new plot, and new characters.

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The Stone House - Episode Twenty-Three

Quint warns Gavin that Val is still alive. Delilah plays off like this is new information. And Val makes his way back to the ship, wondering if the lighthouse fire was enough to attract attention.



A Message from 7 Lamb

We’ve been getting a lot of emails asking if we are still making podcasts and wondering why things are taking so long. Well, here’s a little explanation of what’s been going on behind the scenes.


 2023-06-13  10m

The Stone House - Episode Twenty-Two

Val uses his last bit of strength to call for help. But will a fire at the top of the lighthouse even work? Without any other options, Val sets off on his journey.


 2023-04-06  33m

The Stone House - Episode Twenty-One

Gavin has a chat with Quint, but it doesn't turn out as Dee and Val hoped. Now, with Dee having a curfew, Val decides that he'll be the one to go to the lighthouse when the time comes.


 2022-12-30  17m

The Stone House - Episode Twenty

Time is running out. Val wants to try the lighthouse, Dee wants to search the shack by the boathouse. They compromise, but in the meantime, Val works out, trying to strengthen himself in an effort to make himself useful.


 2022-12-02  26m

The Stone House - Episode Nineteen

It's been three days since Val and Dee reunited, but things haven't been easy. While Val is getting somewhat better, they still don't have a way off the island. And with Gavin demanding Dee express her love in the physical form, time is running out....


 2022-07-22  34m

The Stone House - Episode Eighteen

Val and Dee are back together, but that doesn't mean everything is great. Val is still injured and realizes he can't stay in the new cave any longer. Delilah finds a way to get him on the old rusted ship. She then goes back to get him food and...


 2022-03-30  31m

The Stone House - Episode Seventeen

Delilah finds blue paint on a windowsill and hopes to search the island at night, especially when Gavin conks out after a big dinner. Meanwhile, Val is struggling to survive as he hides out in the blue paint cave. And when the strange man appears, he...


 2022-03-08  23m

The Stone House - Episode Sixteen

Delilah plans on staying up at night to follow Gavin into the woods. After his outburst about a broken chicken coop in the barn, Noah proves to Dee that there is someone else on the island. And this person knows Gavin. Music: Cryptic Sorrow by...


 2022-02-05  23m

The Stone House - Episode Fifteen

Val is finally out of the cave but can he reach Deliliah the way he is? Delilah on the other hand is having troubles of her own as she learns more about her predicament, and reluctantly stitches up Gavin's wound. Music: Night Vigil by Kevin MacLeod...


 2021-12-31  27m