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Storynory brings you an audio story every week. Each one is beautifully read by Natasha and friends. Let Natasha's voice beguile you with classic fairy tales, new children's stories, poems, myths, adventures and romance.

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Prince Bertie and the Dragon

How Prince Bertie slew a Welsh dragon and won the hand of the Lovely Princess Beatrice. An adventure from the time before Bertie was turned into a frog.



Undercover Robot Interview

A new book by Bertie and his friend David Edmonds! If super-high-tech android Dotty can spend a year passing as a twelve-year-old schoolgirl, she could win a multi-million-pound prize. It's available now on! David and Bertie explain what it's all about. Support the show:



Herodotus: The Sacred Animals of Ancient Egypt

Herodotus tells us that ancient Egyptians worshiped cows and bulls. How and why did they do that? Bertie investigates... Support the show.


 2020-05-25  8m

Hush Little Baby

Fall asleep to a a soothing Lulla-lulla-lullaby sung by Jana Support the show.


 2020-05-15  3m

Gilgamesh Part 6 - the Plant of Immortaliy

Gilgamesh has travelled across the world in search of immortality. Finally he picks a plant from the bottom of the ocean that gives everlasting youth - but a thief is not far away. Support the show.


 2020-05-08  11m

In Early May

A delightful poem to celebrate the start of May written by the Canadian poet, Bliss Carmen, and read by Jana in honour of her mother whose birthday is May 1st. Support the show.


 2020-05-01  1m

The Spy Who Never Was Part Two

Was Uncle Jeff ever a spy? The kids and mum have their suspicions. In this second part of our spy story, Uncle Jeff reveals the truth about his trip to Moscow in his youth. Support the show.


 2020-04-21  22m

The Spy Who Never Was

Suspense and intrigue with Storynory's Wicked Uncle Jeff. The family are convinced that he  is secretly a spy. The first of two parts... the second part coming very soon ! Dedicated to Henry in New York City.  Bertie says The idea for this story was inspired by Richard's own electric Skateboard - and you can see him riding his skateboard and reciting poetry on his YouTube channel, YouTube channel, Sk8oetry Support the show.


 2020-04-13  14m

Don't Worry Little Crab

Don't Worry Little Crab by Chris Haughton. Little Crab and Very Big Crab live in a tiny rock pool near the sea. Today they’re going for a dip in the big ocean. “This is going to be so great,” says Little Crab, splish-splashing and squelch-squelching along, all the way to the very edge. Then comes a first glance down at the waves. WHOOSH! Maybe it’s better if they don’t go in?  A Storynory Picture Book Recommendation Sponsored by Candlewick Press Support the show.


 2020-04-10  3m

The Monkey Who Loved Chocolate

When Theo the monkey tastes chocolate for the first time, he goes crazy for it. He breaks out of the zoo and goes on smash and grab raids across the town. Will there be any chocolate left for Easter?


 2020-04-09  14m