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Pet Writing Competition Results Part 1

Our latest writing competition results are in !  Thank you to EVERYONE who sent us a story. They were all wonderful, and as ever, it was very hard to pick the winners. Jana presents Four winning stories in our Pet Writing Competition But that's not all !  Three more winning entries will follow shortly.  In this first batch we have four lovely stories by   Andrea Meneghini Bernadette Haines Saphira Walder Sophie Madeleine And we will be back soon with three more !  Support the show.



Wicked Uncle and Grandma's Skip

Dad (Nigel) and the Kids go on Holiday to the Red Sea. Back home, cousin Jenny has come to stay with Grandma. Dad's holiday relaxation soon disappears into the African Sky as he starts to receive annoying text messages.  Read by Richard for Storynory and written by Bertie.  Support the show.



Herodotus - The River Nile

Herodotus visited Egypt and devoted the Second Book of his Histories to its wonders. He called Egypt the "Gift of the Nile" and looked at varios theories about where its true source was, and why it flooded its banks every year. Support the show.


 2019-09-10  9m

Pet Writing Competition

Writing Competition !  Send us your TRUE story about your very Special Pet by 22nd September.  Entrants must be 16 years or younger -  mum and dad can help with spelling,  typing and grammar.  Include a photo or drawing of your pet if you can.  We will choose 5 stories and read them out on Storynory !  Send to   Competition Groove by Jana and Bertie ! Support the show.


 2019-09-04  4m

The Magician's Horse

A boy makes friends with a white horse who has a very special talent - she can talk !  Support the show.


 2019-09-02  19m

The Crow and Friends

A story from ancient Indian in which A crow makes friends with three animals who are very different from himself and together they fend off dangers.  Support the show.


 2019-08-26  20m

Jana's Studio Interview about Show Dogs

Jana and Sophie talk to Anita Mitchell about her two show dogs (and much adored pets), Dolly and Mabel - a pair of gorgeous West Highland White Terriers who show at Crufts, the world's biggest dog show.  Support the show.


 2019-08-22  16m

The Tiger Who Had No Manners

A crafty old mountain tiger in Korea is caught in a trap.  He is rescued by a buddhist monk.  How does he show his gratitude?  Support the show.


 2019-08-16  9m

Bertie Valentine

here is a terribly romantic mood on the pond where Prince Bertie the Frog lives. All the pond life are excited by Valentine's Day, but nobody is more excited than Bertie. All he has to do is to lure the lovely Princess Beatrice down to the pond, receive a kiss from Her Royal Loveliness, and he will turn back into his true self - a handsome prince. Sadie the Swan has a plan, but Colin the Carp is certain that it won't be so easy to persuade a princess to kiss Bertie. Support the show.


 2019-08-11  15m

Astropup's Space Tourist Part Two

A laser gun fight on the moon breaks out after Luna's pet, Mr Muggles, runs off to join the cat people.  We continue adventure featuring Astropup, the Parrot, and Marlow who have taken a passenger on board, a teenage girl called Luna.  Support the show.


 2019-08-10  16m