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Storynory brings you an audio story every week. Each one is beautifully read by Natasha and friends. Let Natasha's voice beguile you with classic fairy tales, new children's stories, poems, myths, adventures and romance.

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The Swing

A soaring poem by Robert Loius Stevenson that captures the joy of childhood. Support the show.



Gilgamesh Part 4 - the journey

King Gilgamesh is stricken with grief by the death of his friend, Enkidu. He sets out on a journey to find the secret of immortality, and has to pass through a passage guarded by a man with the body of a scorpion. Support the show.



Jana's Studio: Keep Fit Interview

Jana finds out how young people can live a healthy lifestyle and keep fit safely - with Rodney Kenteby, personal fitness trainer, who gives us lots of sensible advice. Support the show.


 2019-12-28  13m

Birdy and the Christmas Power Cut

It's going to be a candle-lit Christmas for Jake and his family, because the electricity is not working. How will they cook Christmas Dinner? Jake's, best friend, a magical crow called Birdy has an idea. Support the show.


 2019-12-20  25m

The Moon Song

Jana sings the mysterious Moon Song, based on the poem by Robert Louis Stevenson (read recently by Richard) with original music by Bertie. Support the show.


 2019-12-11  2m

The Moon - Poem

An atmospheric nightime poem by Robert Louis Stevenson who also wrote Treasure Island. Support the show.


 2019-12-08  1m

Gilgamesh Part 3 - the Bull of Heaven

The epic from Mesopotamia continues. Gilgamesh refuses to marry the goddess Ishtar. She seeks revenge by sending the Bull of Heaven to trample Gilgamesh and his friend Enkidu. Support the show.


 2019-11-30  13m

Gilgamesh Part Two - Humbaba

Gilgamesh, king of Urkuk, and his adopted brother, the wildman Enkidu, travel to Lebanon to fight the dragon, Humbaba. Adapted from the myth from ancient Mesopotamia. Support the show.


 2019-11-22  16m

Gilgamesh - A Myth from Mesopotamia - Part 1

This is one of the oldest stories in the world. It’s hero is a great king, warrior, and strongman called Gilgamesh who wanted to discover the secret of immortality, or living forever.  He formed a strong bond with wildman called Enkidu. Support the show.


 2019-11-15  16m

Six Honest Serving Men

Six Honest Serving Men is a short poem by Rudyard Kipling. It's a little puzzling and we wonder what it means. What do you think? Support the show.


 2019-11-06  1m