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Our world has many voices. We all share this space together, but each of us has our own opinions, our own identity. Join hosts Calvin, Brandon, Kristina and Lee, as they bring in guests to discuss various social issues that effect everyone. Each episode will tackle a different issue, with insights by members of some diverse communities. The only rule on this show? You gotta be...STR8 UP.

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episode 21: The 100TH Episode (Season 7 Finale)

WE MADE IT TO 100 EPISODES!!!! But what does this mean for our podcast? Tune in as the Str8Up Crew celebrates this big milestone of reaching 100 podcast episodes. The crew also talks about the future of the Str8Up Show Podcast. Also, previous guests and listeners stop to congratulate the Str8Up crew on 100 episodes. Thank You to all of our supporters and listeners over these past 3 years. We would not be here without you. There's only one rule to our show, you got be....Str8Up! www...


 2023-04-03  1h52m

episode 20: MUSIC MONDAY: Shay Bailiff

In our final installment of our Music Mondays, we talk to Shayliff lead singer, Shay Bailiff. Shay talks to us about his impressive music career and why audiences from all over can’t get enough of his captivating voice. Shay then performs one of his band’s hit singles, ”Stranger.” Follow Shay and Shayliff: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: All Music Platforms: @Shayliff


 2023-03-27  54m

episode 19: COVID-19 Impact: Are We Good Now?

COVID-19 has been the biggest global topic in the world over these past couple of years, but are we finally at the end of the life changing pandemic? We continue our "COVID-19 Impact" series as we talk to traveling emergency physician, Yvette McQueen, MD. Tune in as Dr. McQueen gives us an update on the COVID-19 Pandemic and if we can start living a normal life. Dr. McQueen then provides guidance for handling common medical concerns while traveling. Follow Yvette McQueen, MD: Website: www...


 2023-03-20  43m

episode 18: Heavy to Modified

After gaining over 600 lbs, Anthony Lopez knew he had to make a change to his life. We talk to Anthony Lopez about his incredible weight loss journey and how he was able to lose over 350 lbs. Anthony then talks to us about his program, Heavy To Modified, which is helping others on their weight loss goals. Follow Anthony: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Tiktok: https://www.tiktok...


 2023-03-13  1h22m

episode 17: Troubled Boxing?

When it comes to boxing, most people think of greats like Mike Tyson or Muhammad Ali. But in today's boxing, social media influencers like Jake and Logan Paul's fights are must see TV. Are celebrities like them making a mockery of the sport of boxing? We talk to 17 year pro boxer, Blake "Trouble" Franklin about the current state of combat sports. Blake then talks to us about training future fighting champions at the Trouble Boxing Gym...


 2023-03-06  48m

episode 16: Buy Black Television

When you're starting a business, getting your name out there can be a struggle. Bashir and Deon of Buy Black Television are using their platform to broadcast businesses from the black community. The BBTV hosts talks to us about the importance of exposing black businesses that many aren't aware of. The creators then reveal the future plans of Buy Black Television. Follow Buy Black Television: Social Media: @buyblacktelevision


 2023-02-20  1h3m

episode 15: MAAGA Part 2

The future of the African American Race is...? In part 2 of our Make African Americans Great Again episode, our special guests continue to discuss the current state of Black America. Our guests explain why things like health and utilizing resources are key to the future of African Americans. They also discuss how African Americans can learn how to unify when it comes to social issues.


 2023-02-13  1h28m

episode 14: Music Monday- Marlo Kyng

When it comes to music, your name is your name. Rap artist Marlo Kyng's name is a name that is quickly becoming one that many wont forget. We sit down with Marlo and talk about his impressive lyrical style of rap and his upcoming music project. Marlo Kyng then hits the Music Monday to perform his hit single "New Vibrations." Follow Marlo Kyng: @marlokyng


 2023-02-06  1h1m

episode 13: MAAGA Part 1

How do we really celebrate Black History Month? Is it a month of pride? Shame? Guilt? Or all the above? In this two part episode, we talk about the current state of Black America and address the major issues happening that so many are dismissing. Our special guests then discuss if the scars of Black History are impacting this generation of Americans.


 2023-01-30  1h18m

episode 12: S7E12- STR8UP Back in Time: Bullying

Each season, we like to travel back in time to show our listeners where Str8UP began. When we first started on television, we wanted to tackle heavy subjects that most would not be comfortable talking about. Listen as we go back in time and revisit a vintage episode to where we talked all about bullying. Our former panel talk about. The negative impacts bullying can have on others and share their personal stories about bullying


 2023-01-23  29m