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From bands, artists, and music industry professionals join our host Trenton Worsham as he takes you backstage to discuss various topics and issues within the music business. This is All-Access.

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All-Access Podcast Episode 8: Jacky Vincent (ex-Falling In Reverse/Solo)

Today we welcome the very talented Jack Vincent to the show. For those unaware, Jacky Vincent is known best for his work with Falling in Reverse but this conversation covers that and more. One main point is his brand new solo record coming this September which you can pre-order now. Go HERE to pick up ‘Life Imitating Art’. Also Link for pre-order: http://www.jackyvincentmerch.limitedrun...


 2018-08-19  34m

All-Access Podcast Episode 7: Lauren Kashan (Sharptooth)

Welcome back to another episode of All Access! It has been a bit but we are back with some new awesome stuff! You’ll hear a new voice on air this time and that’s because we welcome in Emily Jurrow to the team as our new producer/co-host. Each week you will hear some conversations between Trenton and Emily about various music topics before the interview with our guest, Lauren Kashan of Sharptooth...


 2018-05-21  41m

All-Access Podcast Episode 6: WILKES (‘The Voice’/Disciple)

So what is it like trying to make it on a singing competition with the whole country watching? How about working with one very experienced and known star? This is what the show The Voice is and how it sucks people in. Blind auditions in front of coaches who will turn a chair around if they like you or stay turned away if they don’t. This week we have WILKES on the show who is currently competing...


 2018-04-09  10m

All-Access Podcast Episode 5: Michael Labelle (A Skylit Drive/Horcrux)

Michael Labelle of A Skylit Drive and of the current project Horcrux joins Trenton this week on All-Access. We discuss his journey into getting into A Skylit Drive via his old band In Reverie. From that, Michael Labelle touches on a possible future with A Skylit Drive should the opportunity arise.Horcrux is the current project for Michael Labelle which released an EP just this year...


 2018-03-29  19m

All-Access Episode #4: Kevin Max (DC Talk/Kevin Max)

Kevin Max joins Trenton on this episode which comes to be from a shot in the dark. After a curious email was sent, we found that he was down to chat with Trenton on the phone and it certainly did not let us down. Many know Kevin for his work in the ground-breaking band DC Talk who’s hit‘Jesus Freak’sent them into mainstream play including on MTV...


 2018-03-18  23m

All-Access Episode 3: Craig Owens (Chiodos/D.R.U.G.S/badxchannels)

From starting with the classic post-hardcore act Chiodos, Craig Owens has solidified his name amongst the top tier singers in the scene. Going into other projects such as D.R.U.G.S (Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows), Isles & Glaciers, and more recently his solo endeavor called badXchannels. On top of a huge career having such success, we catch up with Craig Owens doing something else he’s been excelling in which is producing...


 2018-03-12  28m

All-Access EXCLUSIVE Episode 2: Cameron Mizell (Producer/Chango Studios)

As much as bands influence others and create their own sound, none of that would be possible without the ear and skills of a producer, whether within the band or elsewhere. This same idea applies to these producers who no matter the act is, their fingerprints can be heard on each record they do, sometimes creating a new direction for the artist that the artist didn’t intend to have done at the start...


 2018-03-11  48m

All-Access Episode 1: Tim Mctague (Underoath/Carrollhood)

Earlier this year, we were able to sit down with and talk to Tim Mctague. For those who don’t know, Tim has been a key member of Underoath for many years as the guitarist and has also been with his side project Carrollhood. Carrollhood released their self-titled EP this year which was a major talking point in this interview. Tim Mctague is a guru at time management as well and we learned a ton from him in this conversation...


 2018-03-10  19m

SOTP #58: Jeff Helberg (ex Confide)

Jeff Helberg, formerly of Confide, talks with us …


 2017-08-10  35m

SOTP #57: Cory Brandan (Norma Jean/Hundred Suns)

Trenton speaks with the very influential Cory Bra…


 2017-08-01  26m