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Strange Brew is a Canadian comedy, crime, horror and conspiracy podcast. If you love anything bizarre and unusual, from aliens to serial killers.You'll feel right at home with Strange Brew's hosts Tomcat and Billy Kirby. Join them on strange journeys with their many different Guests, as they drink and discuss the Creepy and weird sides of Life. Crack a cold Canadian Beer and get Ready Because... It's about to get Strange!

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episode 187: BodyBag Material: Living with the Dead!

Get comfortable like a dead body in a lazy boy because it's about to get Strange! On this week's episode we dive back to our Bodybag Material series, as we talk about people who have lived with their deceased relatives, friends or lovers! If grandma dies...



episode 186: The Strange and Famous: Celebrity Rumours and Mysteries!

There's always some guy out there with too  much time on his hands and asking  too many questions “what if?” What if Elvis really is still alive ? What if the Illuminati really is in charge over the entire music industry and we’ve all been duped into buy...



episode 184: Strange Juans: Crop Circles!

Crop circles are strange patterns that appear mysteriously overnight in farmers' field. They provoke puzzlement, delight and intrigue among the press and public alike. The circles are mostly found in the United Kingdom, but have spread to dozens of count...



episode 185: Baba Yaga: The Slavic Witch!

Baba Yaga is a maternal, mother-nature figure and an evil villain who enjoys eating those who fail to complete her tasks. The most common portrayal of Baba Yaga is as either one old woman or a trio of old sisters, all of whom are depicted as skinny, with...



episode 183: The Worst Ways To Die!

Death sometimes can be painless and peaceful, While other times it can be some the most painful experience of someone's life. We're talking about some of the worst ways you can die! Burning alive to being crucified is just the tip the spear on this week'...



episode 182: Strange Juans: The Phantom Cats!

Phantom Cats also known as Alien big cats or "ABCs" for short are large cats that are foreign to the area (from another part of this world rather than outside of this world). However, certain events associated with UFO sightings also occur with some phan...



episode 181: Djinn: Evil Genies!

 Jinn are the supernatural creatures who inspired the modern-day genie, but unlike the magical characters of I Dream of Jeannie and Walt Disney's Aladdin, these beings aren't as friendly and helpful as Robin Williams. In some parts of the world, flesh-ea...



episode 180: The Alien Abduction of Barney and Betty Hill!

We're diving back into aliens on strange brew as we discuss one of the most famous Alien abduction cases ever! Barney and Betty Hill were an American couple who claimed to have been abducted by extraterrestrials after vacationing in Montreal and Niagara ...


 2021-04-11  1h53m

episode 179: Strange Juans: The Cannibal Cop!

Gilberto Valle is a former officer with the New York police department who was convicted of conspiracy to kidnap based on his communications in online Fetish chatrooms. Valle was arrested after his wife discovered conversations with other users in which ...


 2021-04-07  1h2m

episode 178: Sawney Bean: The Scottish Cannibal Family!

Oh Snap! We are sinking our teeth like cannibals into this week's episode and IT'S incestuous. We're talking about the Scottish murder, thief and eater of human flesh... Sawney Bean and the legend of him and his creepy cave dwelling family. A lot murder ...


 2021-04-04  44m