Strange Brew Podcast!

Strange Brew is a Canadian comedy, crime, horror and conspiracy podcast. If you love anything bizarre and unusual, from aliens to serial killers.You'll feel right at home with Strange Brew's hosts Tomcat and Billy Kirby. Join them on strange journeys with their many different Guests, as they drink and discuss the Creepy and weird sides of Life. Crack a cold Canadian Beer and get Ready Because... It's about to get Strange!

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episode 84: The Bubonic Plague: "The Black Death!"

The Black Death, also known as the Pestilence, the Great Bubonic Plague, the Great Plague or just the Plague, was the most devastating pandemic recorded in human history, resulting in the deaths of an estimated 75 to 200 million people in Eurasia, peakin...



episode 83: Mantis Aliens: The overseers!

Mantis aliens are perhaps the most mysterious and unsettling of all extraterrestrial creatures. These beings appear within many abduction scenarios, with abductees reporting the ominous presence of these entities looming over their beds as they wake in t...



episode 82: Homicidal Sleepwalkers!

Homicidal sleepwalking, also known or sleepwalking murder, is the act of killing someone during an episode of sleepwalking. There have been some cases in which an act of homicide has occurred and the prime suspect may have committed the act while sleepwa...



episode 81: Body Bag Material: Where's my head?

This week strange brew starts a new series, Body Bag Material! On this episode, we drink (as we always do) and discuss true crime stories of severed heads being found in weird places. Grab yourself a Canadian beer for this one, because it's about to get ...



episode 80: Native Folklore: Monsters, witches and Ghosts!

The ancient lore of the indigenous people are deep rooted in there culture. The folklore surrounding Native Americans came from tales around the fire of horrifying spirits, ghosts, witches, demons and monsters…This week's strange topic is Native folklore...


 2020-03-08  1h7m

episode 79: Top Secret: The Dulce Base!

The details surrounding the supposed Dulce Air Force base might seem absurd at first glance but if you exam the proof and the many testimonies, especially those of local residents, reveals undeniable evidence of strange occurrences. This secret, subterra...


 2020-03-01  1h12m

episode 78: The Blood Countess: Elizabeth Bathory!

Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed also known as the blood countess was a Hungarian noblewoman and reputed serial killer, who owned land in the Kingdom of Hungary. Elizabeth Báthory has been labeled by Guinness World Records as the most prolific female murderer,...


 2020-02-23  1h17m

episode 77: Strange News: Drive-thru Condom Hut

Strange Brew gives you an example of what to except on patreon episodes. A new series, Strange news! This bonus episode we discuss different news stories, from toddlers escaping a daycare to a drive-thru condom hut. It's about to get STRANGE!


 2020-02-19  48m

episode 76: The Great Pyramids of Giza!

Strange brew talks about one of seven wonders of the world on this week's episode. They discuss the great pyramids of Giza, how were they created and who built them? are just some of the question we ask when comes to these structures that have wowed huma...


 2020-02-16  52m

episode 75: Haunted Highways: Route 66

Spanning a massive 2,451 miles across the United States, it's not surprising that dozens of creepy stories and urban legends have sprouted up along America's most legendary highway. The infamous route 66. Strange brew talks about a couple of strange stor...


 2020-02-09  42m