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Beamed to you from a closet and a basement, The Stream Police Podcast gives advice each week on building a better Netflix queue, Spotify playlist and DVR list. Clint Davis (movies/TV) and Andy Sedlak (music), formerly of, talk about the best — and better-avoided — shows, movies and music now streaming, with plenty of sound bites.



      #57 - Rewatching THE MIGHTY DUCKS trilogy; HEREDITARY; WESTWORLD season 2; Actors who are musicians

      Clint rewatches THE MIGHTY DUCKS trilogy for the first time since childhood and talks about whether it still holds up. Andy reflects on actors who are also musicians, giving examples of the good and bad. Also, Clint reviews season two of HBO's WESTWORLD and the new horror movie HEREDITARY. Is it truly frightening or empty hype?



      #56 - Kanye West's YE; Anthony Bourdain; DEADPOOL 2; Ali Wong and Michelle Wolf

      Clint compares two recent stand-up specials from Ali Wong and Michelle Wolf. He also remembers the TV legacy of Anthony Bourdain and reviews DEADPOOL 2, wondering if it's too exhausting. Andy reviews Kanye West's new album YE and adds 5 more songs to his never-ending playlist. Greatest TV Show Theme Song of All-Time (this week): KNIGHT RIDER.


       2018-06-10  1h19m

      #55 - AVENGERS INFINITY WAR; Apu controversy; Michelle Wolf at White House Correspondents' Dinner; Story songs

      Clint gives his full thoughts on AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR (with spoilers and plenty of warning!) while Andy takes a deep-dive look into the art of the story song and some of the artists who've done them best. Clint also reviews Netflix's QUEER EYE reboot, gives his thoughts on Michelle Wolf's comedy routine at the 2018 White House Correspondents' Dinner and his take on the controversy around Apu at THE SIMPSONS. The Greatest TV Show Theme Song of All-Time (This Week): READING RAINBOW. The...


       2018-05-07  1h35m

      #54 - ROSEANNE returns; THIS IS US season 2; JACKASS memories; Maren Morris & Kacey Musgraves

      In this episode, Clint gives his take on the first two episodes of ABC's ROSEANNE reboot and compares its tone with old episodes of the classic sitcom. He also wraps season 2 of NBC's THIS IS US and wonders if the show has turned into a sci-fi time-travel series. Plus, memories of MTV's low-culture pioneer JACKASS and quick thoughts on Netflix's QUEER EYE reboot. In music, Andy talks about the recent pop crossovers by Kacey Musgraves and Maren Morris and wonders if the walls of country...


       2018-04-06  1h9m

      #53 - 2018 Oscars recap; reviewing NBC's Winter Olympics coverage; BLACK PANTHER

      In this episode of The Stream Police Podcast from, Clint recaps the 2018 Oscars telecast, hitting the highs and lows. He also reviews NBC's coverage of the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, as well as Marvel's BLACK PANTHER. Does the movie live up to the hype?


       2018-03-06  1h10m

      #52 - Top 5 movies of 2017; Grammys recap; Netflix Valentine's Day picks

      Clint runs down his annual list of the year's 5 best movies, calling 2017 the best year for movies in a long time. Andy recaps the Grammys and talks about the award show's historic problems with women and rap. Also, Clint recommends some romantic films on Netflix for Valentine's Day and picks The X-Files for his Greatest TV Show Theme Song of All-Time (this week). Andy also talks about music's #MeToo movement and his continued gripe with the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.


       2018-02-04  1h28m


      In 2017's final episode, Clint gives his take on STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI and pays tribute to THE MUPPET CHRISTMAS CAROL on its 25th birthday. Andy looks back at the dominant sound of 2017 in pop music and talks about when Bob Dylan found Jesus. Clint also reviews season two of FX's BETTER THINGS and contemplates its future without Louis CK, and reluctantly becomes a fan of Netflix's THE CROWN. This week's Greatest TV Show Theme Song of All-Time: GREEN ACRES.


       2018-01-01  1h29m

      #50 - STRANGER THINGS season 2; Taylor Swift's REPUTATION; Netflix's MINDHUNTER; Pixar's COCO

      In the 50th episode of the Stream Police Podcast, Clint reviews season 2 of Netflix's STRANGER THINGS and Andy takes on Taylor Swift's blockbuster album REPUTATION. Has he been converted or does he still loathe her? Also, Clint reviews Netflix's MINDHUNTER, Disney-Pixar's COCO and discovers Charlie Rose is a scumbag. Andy looks at Sam Smith's latest record and adds some punk to the greatest playlist on Spotify. The Greatest TV Show Theme Song of All-Time (This Week): THE SOPRANOS.


       2017-11-30  1h13m

      #49 - Harvey Weinstein; Pink; Netflix's MINDHUNTER; HBO's THE DEUCE

      In this episode of the Stream Police Podcast from Overdue Review, Clint reacts to the truth about Harvey Weinstein and replays some of Hollywood's hints to his behavior over the years. Andy talks about the staying power of Pink, who seems to have outlasted all of her early 2000's pop peers. Also in TV: Early reviews of Netflix's MINDHUNTER and HBO's THE DEUCE. In movies: Solid picks now on Netflix and Amazon and the 25th anniversary of George Strait's PURE COUNTRY. In music: Remembering...


       2017-10-30  1h9m

      #48 - Remembering Tom Petty; Netflix's AMERICAN VANDAL; Scary '90s TV

      Andy gives a personal eulogy to Tom Petty, one of his heroes. Clint talks about the nonfiction TV shows that scared the crap out of him as a kid. Also: Clint reviews Netflix's AMERICAN VANDAL, wonders if Hulu's THE HANDMAID'S TALE deserved its big Emmy win and talks about why ABC's AMERICAN IDOL may be doomed to failure.


       2017-10-04  1h34m