Streetwise Hebrew

A bite-size podcast showcasing modern Hebrew and its slang. Host Guy Sharett explains what we can learn about Israeli psyche, society, and culture through the Hebrew language.

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episode 318: Save Me a Spot, Will You?

Is it okay to save an open parking spot for someone, shooing away other drivers? Well, that's what many Tel-Avivim do. It's called לשמור חניה, and Guy explains the phenomenon.



#20 Service in Israel (Rerun)

The level of service in Israel can change from day to day, hour to hour. It depends on many factors, like the mood of the serving staff, life in the city, and other seemingly random factors. Guy explains.



#18 Zazim (Rerun)

In Hebrew, זזים (we're making a move), זזנו (we made a move), and נזוז (we'll make a move) are all used in the same way to say, “yalla, let's go.” Guy explains



episode 317: Bay Watch and Guard Dogs

The Hebrew words שומר, משמרת, שמירה, משמר, all come from the same shoresh, שמר. On this episode, Guy continues where he left off in the previous episode with the shoresh שמר



#28 Sorry Isn’t the Hardest Word (Rerun)

We Israelis may not be the most polite people in the world, but from time to time even we say "I'm sorry" and "excuse me." How do you say it in Hebrew?


 2020-12-15  7m

episode 316: Canned Goods and the Preservation of Historic Buildings

The Hebrew word שימור (shimur) is an interesting one. We use שימור to say canned goods, the preservation of historic buildings, and even customer retention. Guy explains


 2020-12-08  10m

episode 315: Sarah Sings a Blissful Song

In Hebrew, שירה means singing. It can also be used to mean poetry. It depends on the context. On this episode, Guy reviews the words that stem from the root ש/י/ר and several well-known phrases that make use of them


 2020-12-01  16m

episode 314: It Takes Real Courage

What do courage, poor acting, and pet adoption have to do with one other? They have the same Hebrew root אמצ. On this episode, Guy explains the word אומץ, courage, and its root


 2020-11-24  12m

Oh, Come on Already!

The word כבר, meaning “already,” has so many functions in modern Hebrew that we decided to dedicate an entire episode to it.


 2020-11-17  7m

episode 313: ‘Binyanim’ That Cause Confusion

There are several confusing verbs in Hebrew. Some are even spelled the same. Be sure to follow along with the show notes as you listen. We wouldn't want to cause any more confusion!


 2020-11-10  10m