Streetwise Hebrew

A bite-size podcast showcasing modern Hebrew and its slang. Host Guy Sharett explains what we can learn about Israeli psyche, society, and culture through the Hebrew language.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 8m. Bisher sind 338 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein wöchentlich erscheinender Podcast

episode 303: Last Boarding Call for Flight #303 to Hebrewville

In this episode, Guy covers the different words and meanings derived from the root ק.ר.א, like how to say, “Call an ambulance”, “Let’s call a spade a spade,” and perhaps most useful sentence of all, “Let me read to you the text he sent...



episode 302: My Condolences To You And Your Family

In Hebrew, נחמה means consolation, comfort. It’s also a woman’s name. The difference comes down to pronunciation. Today Guy explains how to give your condolences and how to jokingly comfort a friend who was delivered a cold pizza.



Rerun #110 Improving Your Hebrew is a Matter of “Inyan”

In Hebrew, עניין (inyan) means matter, business, or thing. Many Hebrew learners confuse מעוניין and מתעניין, often switching between them as if they are one and the same, which they are not. So in this episode, Guy explains these...



episode 301: Did You Just Cancel on Me?

For the first time in its history, the Eurovision Song Contest was cancelled. But hopefully only this year. Many other events, both global and local, were also cancelled, all because the Coronavirus. How do we say “to cancel” in Hebrew, in the...



episode 300: 300th Episode Special! Hebrew Bloopers From Around the World

Join us in celebrating our 300th episode with the best פספוסים, bloopers, by Hebrew learners around the world.


 2020-07-07  24m

#49 Sex Words 2: Zayin

Guy teaches us more naughty words and reveals the unlikely connection between 'friends with benefits' and the Austrian composer Franz Schubert.


 2020-06-30  7m

episode 299: Workers Needed!

When job hunting, the Hebrew word דרושים, wanted, is what you'll find written on job ads. Guy also talks about a slang term that, well, doesn't hold anything back. A real hitter, one could say.


 2020-06-23  14m

#70 Satisfying Your Hebrew Needs Since c. 2013

Today Guy Sharett teaches us all things 'tsarich' - 'need.' This root, צרכ, comes in many shapes and sizes...


 2020-06-16  8m

episode 298: We’ve All Got Our Limits

The word גבול means border, boundary and limit. Its root provides us words like restrictions, limitations, and disabilities. So how would we say, “this offer is available for a limited time only”? Guy explains.


 2020-06-09  10m

episode 297: Pronouns in Hebrew

Using pronouns in conversation is easy when speaking our mother tongue. But in Hebrew, it might be more difficult. Guy explains the mechanism of Hebrew pronouns which, in turn, will help you sound more natural and casual.


 2020-06-02  10m