Streetwise Hebrew

A bite-size podcast showcasing modern Hebrew and its slang. Host Guy Sharett explains what we can learn about Israeli psyche, society, and culture through the Hebrew language.

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episode 278: Sick? Get Well Soon!

A linguistic toolkit for well-wishers to use in almost any circumstance



A Special Offer (Part of Our 6th Podcastiversary Celebrations)

Get the special course and at a special price by visiting The podcast recently celebrated its 6th birthday. And as part of our celebrations, Guy asked Ruben Adery to put together a special introductory online course for...



episode 277: This Corner Store is Da Bomb

The Hebrew word פיצוץ (pitsuts) means explosion but is also used in the same fashion as the English phrase, “a blast,” meaning incredible or highly entertaining. And did you know that our neighborhood corner store is called a פיצוצייה...



#110 Improving Your Hebrew is a Matter of “Inyan”

"Inyan" - matter, business, thing - is a word that's had an amazing career in Hebrew. In this episode Guy explains some useful slang expressions using "inyan" and "inyanim," and then delves into the verbs derived from this four letter root.



#164 The Ruthless Israeli Line: How to Hold Your Own

Someone cut you in line - the chutzpah! What's the Israeli strategy to call them out?



#132 Keep the Gags Coming!

"Keta" means "part," "section," "thing" or "gag," but it also appears in lots of really handy Hebrew slang expressions.



episode 276: Put out the Fire

What does an Israeli judo champion mean when she says, האש כבתה לגמרי? In Hebrew, לכבות means to extinguish and to turn off. So please turn off all cell phones and listen as Guy explains all things כ.ב.ה.


 2019-11-05  11m

episode 275: Shoo! Get out of Here!

How do you say “buzz off” or “beat it” in Hebrew? And how might it relate to paying off your mortgage? Guy explains.


 2019-10-29  8m

episode 274: Can You Hurry It Up? Quick!

Israelis need everything here and now, immediately. Preferably yesterday. That's why the Hebrew word זריז (zariz), quick or quickly, is constantly in use. This episode is a crash course (קורס מזורז) on the root ז.ר.ז.


 2019-10-22  11m

episode 273: You Shouldn't Steal

In Hebrew, גנב (ganav) is a thief. Perhaps you already know its Yiddish pronunciation, ganef (גאַנעוו). But there are other, more exciting words that belong to the Hebrew root גנב, including several slang uses. Guy explains.


 2019-10-15  9m