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The only podcast that covers literary matters from the perspective of the writer. Candid. Instructive. Provocative.

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episode 192: S2 E135: Mailbags, Windbags and Sandbags

This is the fourth in the series of podcasts sharing emails sent from listeners or readers in conjunction with the show or the art journal Ariel Chart.



episode 191: S2 E134: Guidelines as Gifts for Writers

In this episode I discuss the possibility of using guidelines as inspirational gifts to writers.  Basic research and a positive outlook make a major difference for those who successfully publish versus those who blindly submit without rhyme or reason.   t 



episode 190: S2 E133: Grounding and the Role of Gravity in Writing

Did you ever notice in your writing or writing in general that positive themes were not as well written as darker toned material? I believe there is a perceptional even emotional problem with one's worldview that causes this unhealthy imbalance. 


 2020-06-26  1h20m

episode 189: S2 E132: Philosophy of an Artist

Have you ever thought about a philosophy for your writing? Is a philosophy necessary to be an artist in the 21st century? These and many other questions along this line is discussed and possibly answered in this episode.


 2020-06-19  58m

episode 188: S2 E131: Art as a Defense Against Madness

The true value of art is measured in how it can reveal, restore and revolutionize matters in our lives and in the world.   1. Art as Therapeutic Medicine Against Depression "Art is a line around your thoughts" --- Gustav Klimt   2. Transcending Bad Behav...


 2020-06-17  1h1m

episode 187: S2 E130: An Evening With Donald Dean Mace

In the second interview with Arizona-based poet/writer Donald Dean Mace, we pivot into an evening event with a reciting of his popular essay "The Romance Writer" which speaks about the overlooked romanticism school of thinking and writing. From Poe to Ha...


 2020-06-12  1h25m

episode 186: S2 E129: Character in a Writer

This episode will focus on positive or negative personal traits in writers that help or hurt their writing efforts. The "character" or core personality is key to translating internal thoughts into literary works and communicating those to an editor and a...


 2020-06-09  1h3m

episode 185: S2 E128: Fundamentals of Poetry Composition

This episode allows us to revisit the fundamentals of poetry composition necessary to construct viable poems in the modern era. 1. Titles Matter 2. Structure and Flow 3. The Beginning 4. The Ending


 2020-06-06  58m

episode 183: S2 E127: Alcohol in the Arts

From the ancient days of Egypt, Greece and Roman to the Bible stories, Renaissance period of art & idea expansion to the modern writer -- alcohol has played a major role in the arts. In this episode we will explore the good and bad of this phenomena.


 2020-05-24  33m

episode 182: S2 E126: Metal Future -- Interview With James Curl -- Biographer of Dio & Dokken

Welcome back folks to another exciting rock episode of Metal Future. On this episode we are honored to have as a guest, rock biographer, James Curl whose has completed the first biography of both Ronnie James Dio (ex Rainbow, ex Black Sabbath, solo singe...


 2020-05-18  57m