Strong Songs

Music: it's good. On each episode of Strong Songs, host Kirk Hamilton takes listeners inside a piece of music, breaking it down and figuring out what makes it work.

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Sidechain Compression & Saxophone Traffic Cones

Mailbag time! Kirk peruses the Strong Songs inbox to answer your questions about jazz drum solos, practicing with play-a-longs, Tame Impala tunes, saxophones with traffic cones, vocal technique, sidechain compression, and several very tricky rhythms....


 2021-04-21  59m

"Stolen Moments" by Oliver Nelson

Jazz is all about the contrast between the individual and the collective, and few recordings embody that as beautifully as "Stolen Moments," the opening track from Oliver Nelson's 1961 hard-bop record The Blues and the Abstract Truth. On this episode,...


 2021-04-07  59m

"Cameo Lover" by Kimbra

Open up your heart! Open up your heart! Open up your heart, let Kimbra pull you out! On this episode, Kirk goes for a swim in the extra-buoyant waters of Kimbra's 2011 pop stomper "Cameo Lover." It's an intricate musical narrative told through...


 2021-03-24  55m

The Mysteries of Music, with Carmen Staaf

What's this? A bonus episode of Strong Songs on an off week?? Indeed it is! For this episode of Strong Conversations (working title), Kirk hopped on a call with New York pianist Carmen Staaf to talk about the fundamental elements of music, learning to...


 2021-03-17  1h7m

"Wuthering Heights" by Kate Bush

Heathcliff! It's us, it's Strong Songs, we've come home! The time has come for a deep dive into the music of the great Kate Bush, and what better song to analyze than her breakthrough 1978 hit, "Wuthering Heights." This song has it all - odd phrasing,...


 2021-03-10  57m

Cross-Rhythms, Concept Albums & Dream Songs

Time for the first Q&A episode of Strong Songs year three! On this episode, Kirk digs into the mailbag for your questions on Jack White's guitar tone, Shabaka Hutchings' sax sound, 70s kitsch jazz, concept albums, drummers learning mallet...


 2021-02-24  58m

"Babylon Sisters" by Steely Dan

Here comes that Santa Ana wind again, blowing us right into the slightly skewed world of Steely Dan. It was never a question whether Strong Songs would do a Steely Dan episode, it was more a question of which song to focus on. In the end, Kirk chose...


 2021-02-10  59m

"Hide and Seek" by Imogen Heap

Where are we? What the hell is going on? Oh right, we're here with our podcast device, listening to an episode of Strong Songs. On this episode, Kirk dives into Imogen Heap's one-woman choral masterwork "Hide and Seek," taking a closer look at the...


 2021-01-27  58m

"Space Oddity" and "Starman" by David Bowie

Let the children lose it, let the children use it, and let all the children join in for Strong Songs year three! Kirk kicks off the new year with a pair of classics by the great David Bowie: 1969's melancholy "Space Oddity" and 1972's triumphant...


 2021-01-13  53m

One Year, Eighteen Songs

As Year Two of Strong Songs draws to a close, it's time to take a look back. SCHEDULING NOTE: Strong Songs will be off for the month of December, and will be back for Year Three at the start of January, 2021. But before that! Let's go back, back, back...


 2020-11-25  57m