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Join hosts Anney and Samantha to listen to Stuff Mom Never Told You, continuing the conversation of what it is to identify as female through research-based discussion around feminism and how it impacts everyday life. New episodes come out Wednesday and Friday.

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Therapy: Part 2

Therapy can be a powerful coping tool.


 2019-04-29  1h5m

Bonus Interview: Dr. Shaili Jain and the Unspeakable Mind

After 20 years of working in the field and 10 years of research, Dr. Shaili Jain stops by to discuss her new book 'The Unspeakable Mind', and how PTSD is a public health issue that impacts all of us.


 2019-04-27  1h0m

Therapy: Part 1

Ever wondered what therapy is like? Sit in on a session.


 2019-04-24  1h11m

Bonus Episode: Trauma-Informed Training and Trial

In this bonus episode, a retired detective talks about trauma-informed training, and a lawyer discusses what a sexual assault trial entails.


 2019-04-20  44m

Good Coping

Here's what good coping can look like.


 2019-04-19  37m

Dating in the Era of #MeToo

The reckoning that is #MeToo has rippled out into the dating realm. Anney and Samantha dish on what it's like to date these days.


 2019-04-18  1h21m

Bonus Episode: Rape Kits

A survivor of sexual assault shares her story, and we discuss the past, present and future of rape kits.


 2019-04-15  59m

The Aftermath and Unhealthy Coping

Survivors of a traumatic event frequently resort to unhealthy coping mechanisms, from substance abuse to eating disorders.


 2019-04-12  43m

The Cost of Coming Forward

Anney and Samantha delve into the financial, emotional and physical costs of reporting sexual assault.


 2019-04-10  44m

SMNTY Classics: Craft Beer Brewsters

Along with the rise of craft beer has come the revival of women brewmasters who challenge the stereotype of beer as a man's drink. Learn more about the ancient history and return of women to craft beer brewing in this classic episode.


 2019-04-06  41m