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Stuff What You Tell Me! is a podcast telling stories of rebellion and resistance in history, art and culture. Created by two contrary Australians living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, we explore the wider role of rebellion in history, by delving into the experiences of people whose lives and actions were defined by defiance. Release schedule: In keeping with our theme, we resent the imposition of scheduling agendas, so we release episodes whenever we feel like it. We aim for at least one a month, and if you don't like that then hey, stuff you.

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Riot Grrrls

The third wave of feminism crashed into western countries during the early 1990s. Three distinct events between 1991 and 1993 have been credited with leading this new movement: the controversial testimony of Anita Hill against her former boss and supreme court nominee Clarence Thomas, an article by Rebecca Walters which covered that whole incident and a group of bad-ass women with instruments and a whole lot of anger trapped inside known as Riot Grrrls.


 2021-01-11  57m

History of the Netherlands Podcast Release

AKA Bloody exciting stuff!


 2019-03-12  11m

episode 3: Free & Fearless - Ep 03 - Execution and Escape

On 5 February, 1943, thirteen of the twenty-three defendants from the First Parool Trial were given paper and pens and told to write farewell letters to their families. Hours later, they were executed by firing squad. But the ringleader of the group, Frans Goedhart, was able to win a temporary reprieve and over the next few months undertook various attempts to escape from Vught concentration camp. But would luck be on his side?


 2019-02-04  56m

episode 2: Free & Fearless - Ep 02: The Process

After the botched arrest of Arie Addicks in September 1941, the Addicks group was firmly in the sights of the authorities. Over the course of four months, a series of arrests would take place across the Netherlands, from the streets of Amsterdam to a freezing beach in Scheveningen, which would end with twenty-three people being charged with crimes against the state. But would these freedom fighters survive some of the Netherlands’ most infamous concentration camps?


 2019-02-03  1h4m

episode 1: Free & Fearless - Ep 01: The Addicks Group

After the invasion of the Netherlands in May 1940, a group of men from a disbanded socialist youth group called the AJC, came together to fight back against the new Nazi regime. The young members of the so-called “Addicks Group” joined forces with journalist and activist Frans Goedhart and became active in creating and distributing the illegal anti-Nazi newspaper Het Parool. But their activities would soon put themselves and their loved ones in mortal peril.


 2019-02-02  1h3m

Announcement: 3-part Special 'Free & Fearless' out now!

Search for “Free and Fearless” to find a special three part series we have created about a group of activists in the underground press in the Netherlands during World War 2.


 2019-02-02  12m

Coup de Pod II: Power to the Pussy Part 2 - Don't Iron While the Strike is Hot

In this episode, we explore the second wave of feminism. Although gains were made around the world for women during the 1910s and 20s, fast forward twenty years, and another global conflict, and by the 1950s women in the West had been pushed back into the household; their roles in the expectations of society confined to the whims and demands of men. By the end of that decade, a low rumble of discontent had begun amongst women in the US...


 2018-11-14  1h3m

Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior

On a summer's night in July, 1985 a ship called the Rainbow Warrior lay moored at Marsden Wharf in Auckland, New Zealand. Just before midnight, it suddenly exploded. The bomb which blew it up had been expertly attached to the hull by trained military divers. The attack was aimed at the heart of the international anti-nuclear movement, and it was conducted by the foreign intelligence agency of one nation, and committed on the soil (or water) of one of their allies.


 2018-10-24  1h12m

Abolishing the Norm - Episode 4: Over John Brown's Body

Whereas the division over the issue of slavery had riven the young federal society of the US apart, John Brown never wavered, questioned or acted against the defining principle of his life: slavery was an abomination that must end.


 2018-08-09  1h13m

Coup de Pod II: Power to the Pussy Part 1 - Suffering for Suffrage

Awesome storyteller Dominique Reviglio takes us down the path of the history of women's rebellion; on a journey through the Suffragette movement that erupted in Britain in the first decades of the 20th century.


 2018-07-23  1h26m