Stuff You Missed in History Class

Join Holly and Tracy as they bring you the greatest and strangest Stuff You Missed In History Class in this podcast by iHeartRadio.

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A Brief History of Dentistry and Oral Health, Part 1

This first episode covers the earliest ways humans cared for their teeth, including the belief that demons might have something to do with tooth decay. We move all the way up to the 18th century, as dentistry became a profession in the U.S., including a surprising early practitioner.



SYMHC Classics: Veterinary Medicine

This 2017 episode covers how animals and humans have been living together for centuries, but standardized veterinary care developed over a long period of time in many different places. See for privacy information.



Behind the Scenes Minis: Rabies and Jailbreaks

Tracy and Holly discuss their knowledge of rabies and how often it appears in popular culture. They then talk about touring former prisons and how varied that experience can be. See for privacy information.



Six Impossible Episodes: Prison Breaks

Dramatic prison escapes often have some common themes -- they often include a lot of tunneling. Here are six highly ingenious and low-violence prison breaks from history.



A Brief History of Rabies

Today’s rabies prophylaxis is almost 100% effective at preventing human death from the bite of a rabid animal. How did people come to understand rabies, and then develop a vaccination for it?



SYMHC Classics: Ruth Harkness and the First Panda in the U.S.

This 2014 episode covers a 1930s a New York socialite with a dream. She wanted to be the first person to capture a panda from Asia and return to the western world with it. Her quest had a significant impact on the way the Western world viewed wild animals.  See for privacy information.



Behind the Scenes Minis: Okapi and Theda

Holly and Tracy discuss the ways Europeans explorers wrote about the indigenous peoples of Africa, and just how good the okapi's natural camouflage is. They also discuss the unattainable beauty standards that were in place for women in entertainment from the beginning.  See for privacy information.



The Invention of Theda Bara

Theda Bara is often referenced as the first sex symbol, or the first celebrity to have an entire persona crafted by a PR team. Photos of her are synonymous with the word vamp, and 100 years later, still have a certain mysterious appeal. But what was she really like?



The Okapi and the Western World

The okapi are a symbol became known to European explorers in the late 19th century, and then several explorers tried and failed to even see a live okapi.



Holly Frey In Conversation With Seneca Women to Hear Winner: Lola Omalola

Holly Frey, host of Stuff You Missed in History Cass, sits down with Lola Omalola, one of the ten winners of Seneca Women to Hear: Search for the Next Great Female Podcasters. See for privacy information.