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StutterTalk has published more than 600 free, weekly podcasts on stuttering since 2007. StutterTalk is dedicated to supporting people who stutter, their families, professionals, students, and the general public by talking openly about stuttering and by providing information about stuttering. We address the loneliness and isolation of stuttering by talking about it.

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Stamma Time: Building a Society that Accepts Stuttering (Ep. 670)

Barry Yoeman joins Chaya Goldstein to talk about his thought provoking article Stamma Time which highlights how stutterers are moving past the medical model of disability. The conversation explores the social model vs. medical model of disability,


 2019-12-02  56m

Stuttering, SAY, and ISAD in Australia (Ep. 669)

Rich Stephens joins Chaya Goldstein to discuss his experiences of approaches to stuttering in Australia, the support and obstacles he has faced setting up SAY: Australia, the start of their first creative arts programs,


 2019-10-20  58m

Stamna Campaign: Smashing Stuttering Stereotypes

Jane Powell joins Chaya Goldstein to discuss smashing stuttering stereotypes. Jane Powell is the CEO of the British Stammering Association (BSA), a post which she took up in 2018. Prior to this she founded the national UK charity CALM,


 2019-10-13  56m

Success Should Not Be Equated with Fluency (Ep. 667)

Dr. Michael Boyle joins Chaya Goldstein to discuss success in treatment, stuttering more being a sign of progress, being resilient in the face of difficulty, and so much more. Michael P. Boyle, Ph.D., CCC-SLP,


 2019-08-31  59m

Slaying the Iceberg Beast with Dr. Rick Arenas (Ep. 666)

Dr. Rick Arenas joins Chaya Goldstein to discuss slaying the stuttering iceberg and consider what is the change you actually want. Rick Arenas Ph.D. is an associate professor at the University of New Mexico in the department of Speech and Hearing Scien...


 2019-08-18  44m

Beginning Your Stuttering Evolution at FRIENDS (Ep. 665)

Chaya Goldstein is joined by stuttering All-Stars Reuben Schuff, Samantha Gennuso, Crystal Kubert, and Stavros Ladeas at the 2019 FRIENDS annual convention. Topics include the “monumental” negative effects of hiding stuttering,


 2019-07-23  53m

Stuttering Support in Ghana: Don’t Hide Behind Your Stammer (Ep. 664)

Elias Apreko joins Chaya Goldstein to discuss stuttering support in Ghana. Elias Apreko helped set up the Ghana Stammering Association in 2013 to meet the needs of persons who stammer (stutter) in Ghana. He currently works as the president of the GSA.


 2019-07-03  n/a

Don’t Be Alone with Your Stutter: Stuttering in Israel

Hanan Hurwitz joins Chaya Goldstein to discuss Israel’s strong stuttering support network and the negative use of the term stuttering in politics to wrongly suggest that a candidate is weak and ineffectual. Mr.


 2019-06-27  36m

Vaccines Do Not Cause Stuttering (Ep. 662)

Bob “The Expert” Quesal joins Peter Reitzes to discuss a parent’s concern that vaccines cause stuttering. Bob and Peter point out that parents often blame themselves for their child’s stuttering and often attach an event, such as falling off a bike,


 2019-05-25  37m

Returning Choice to the Stuttering Community (Ep. 661)

Chris Constantino and Rob Dellinger join Reuben Schuff at the 2019 FRIENDS one day conference in Raleigh, NC to discuss taking control of the “um,” returning choice to the stuttering community, and it is always okay to talk.


 2019-03-30  27m