Subtext & Discourse

The art world and associated market are famously opaque and can at times be exclusive. Berlin based gallery director and educator Michael Dooney speaks with artists, curators and other professionals who share their personal experiences of this unique field. If you have ever felt unsure about walking into a gallery, wish to understand more about creativity or better understand how this complex industry works, then tune in every second Monday to hear the insightful conversations with these inspiring individuals.

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episode 7: Interview with artist Cat Lamora | EP7.1 Subtext & Discourse Podcast

This two part interview with Cat Lamora was recorded by Michael Dooney on 9. April 2019 in Berlin, Germany.More details: the series of interviews with artists who participated in the Jarvis Dooney 2019...


 2019-07-29  24m

episode 6: Interview with artist Kees Schouten | EP6 Subtext & Discourse Podcast

This interview with Kees Schouten was recorded by Michael Dooney on 17. April 2019 in Berlin, Germany.First uploaded on 16. July 2019, more information: is a Dutch visual artist who graduated from the Art Ac...


 2019-07-16  12m

episode 5: Interview with artist Sophie Dumaresq | EP5 Subtext & Discourse Podcast

Interview with Sophie Dumaresq was recorded by Michael Dooney on Thursday 4. October 2018 in Berlin.First uploaded on 15. June 2019: managed to finish editing my interview with Sophie Dumaresq ...


 2019-06-15  44m

episode 4: Interview with artist Derek Kreckler | EP4 Subtext & Discourse Podcast

This episode of Subtext & Discourse was first uploaded on 7. April 2019 - with Derek Kreckler was recorded by Michael Dooney on Wednesday 3. October 2018 in Berlin.----------It has already been over si...


 2019-04-07  57m

episode 3: Interview with artist Kate Robertson | EP3 Subtext & Discourse Podcast

The interview with Kate Robertson & Jeffrey Noro was recorded with Michael Dooney on Saturday 29. September 2018 at Jarvis Dooney Galerie, Berlin.First uploaded here: to believe that is has alr...


 2018-10-28  1h5m

episode 2: Interview with artist Torsten Schumann | EP2 Subtext & Discourse Podcast

On 2. September 2018 gallerist Michael Dooney sat down with German photographer Torsten Schumann (b.1975 Dresden, Germany) to find out more about his artistic practice and back story.The interview coincided with the dual exhibition Autofokus with Tors...


 2018-09-08  44m

episode 1: Interview with artist Chris Fortescue | EP1 Subtext & Discourse Podcast

On 1. May 2018 gallerist Michael Dooney sat down with artist Chris Fortescue to speak about his artistic practice and back story, to coincide with his solo exhibition at Jarvis Dooney Galerie in Berlin from Friday 27. April until Saturday 23. June 2018....


 2018-05-11  59m