An RPG actual play podcast with various systems and various story lengths, from one-shots to campaigns.

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episode 152: Talislanta : Pursuit of the Past, Part 2

The characters go in search of the forest demon.


 2022-01-19  1h3m

episode 151: Talislanta : Pursuit of the Past, Part 1

A group begins their search across Talislanta for secrets of the Forgotten Age.


 2021-12-31  37m

episode 150: World of Dungeons - Spirit Swamp

A journey through a dying swamp to find an evil wizard. 


 2021-11-17  1h5m

episode 149: FATE : Codename UNITY, part 4

Jet planes, space age gadgets, and secret island bases, all in the conclusion to our '60's spy story.


 2021-10-20  1h3m

episode 148: FATE : Codename UNITY, part 3

Our spies attempt some late night espionage in their pursuit of P.R.O.F.I.T.


 2021-09-22  1h4m

episode 147: Maze Rats - The Other One with the Ruby

A one-shot of the OSR-ish Maze Rats. Adventurers look to steal an item of great power from a wizard. I'm sure it will go well.


 2021-09-01  1h27m

episode 146: FATE : Codename UNITY, part 2

Our spies do some investigating and partying in this episode.


 2021-08-04  56m

episode 145: FATE : Codename UNITY, part 1

A short arc inspired by the '60's spy genre. Our super spies must find a missing Saturn rocket booster.


 2021-07-07  51m

episode 144: Burning Wheel : Short Beards

In our 200th episode we meet some new Dwarves who have their own little side adventure during the main events of our Burning Beards campaign.  


 2021-06-02  1h46m

episode 143: Monster of the Week - Not Buffy

A Monster of the Week one shot where an angel and a ghost attempt to help the chosen one.


 2021-05-12  1h24m