An RPG actual play podcast with various systems and various story lengths, from one-shots to campaigns.

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episode 14: Burning Wheel : Burning Beards, part 11

Our Dwarves go to extremes to get information from the traitor and encounter a surprise while scouting for water.


 2014-01-02  1h28m

episode 13: Burning Wheel : Burning Beards, part 10

A spy hunt worthy of John le Carre... is not what this episodes is.  The Dwarves stumble and grumble while hunting down the unknown traitor or traitors. 


 2013-12-14  1h50m

episode 12: SOTC : Sterling Silver

Another short Spirit of the Century one shot.Can Rupert and Mack thwart a kidnapping?


 2013-11-14  49m

episode 1: Burning Wheel : Burning Beards, part 9

The trip to Scoria Deep begins, Flint runs into trouble while scouting, Ulfkel runs into trouble retrieving some misplaced beer, and Fandral runs into trouble while drinking a beer.


 2013-11-02  1h48m

episode 1: Burning Wheel : Burning Beards, part 8

The Dwarves continue their search for the missing keg and the missing Bruna; then the characters gain some new traits and reputations.


 2013-10-06  1h39m

episode 1: Burning Wheel : Burning Beards, part 7

Ulfkel's greed for Scoria nog continues to cause problems, a scout goes missing, Fandral gets a mission from his father, and the Dwarves encounter danger during their first foray into the underway.And don't forget about MonkeyCon next month.


 2013-09-05  1h30m

episode 1: SOTC : Cuban Contract

An assassin targets Archimedes Lewis.  Can he and Mack Silver find the foe who wants him dead?This is a short Spirit of the Century one shot.


 2013-08-22  1h10m

episode 1: Burning Wheel : Burning Beards, part 6

A Cry for the Dying. A Riot with Swords & Tequila (well, actually, axes & beer). The Warrior, Flint, unleashes his Thundersteel on the Bloodstreets of Marl. Missing nog gives Ulfkell a Wounded Heart. And with Glory Calling, Fandral won't let this Twist o...


 2013-07-25  1h35m

episode 1: Promos & Archives

I've put together some promos for the show, check the links on the right. I chucked one down the feed for anyone who catches the feed and doesn't check the website.Also, I've added some more old episodes to the Sunday Skypers collection on


 2013-07-20  0m

episode 1: Burning Wheel : Burning Beards, part 5

Will Ulfkell succumb to greed? Will Fandral sway Hroar's warband? Will Flint find romance? All these questions and more in this episode of 'As the Beard Burns'.


 2013-07-05  1h43m