Super Sentai Brothers

Host Matt Jay, joined by co-host and brother Dave, takes a journey through classic Super Sentai series -- the franchise which inspired and sourced the American Power Rangers franchise! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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episode 21: For Your Eyes Ohranger Episode 18 - Dad's Unusual Love

Please, please ignore the title of this episode. It is not what it sounds like. It is just the very normal, run of the mill scenario wherein a father builds a cybernetic replacement for his son because he can't deal with the pain of losing him. So...


 March 20, 2018  57m

episode 22: For Your Eyes Ohranger Episode 19 - The New Robo's Red Impact

This episode features badly named monsters, ghosts, and new toys. It is more or less the holy triumvirate of Sentai programming. Email the show: Find Matt Jay on Twitter: @supersentaibros Find us on Facebook at Super...


 March 27, 2018  58m

episode 23: Casino Ringuranger Episode 1 - Ring the Bell!! Dark Federation Attacks

Matt and Dave take a one week break from Ohranger to check out a lesser known Sentai program from the mid 90s called Puroresu Sentai Ringuranger which features an intergalactic professional wrestling contest with the fate of worlds at stake....


 April 2, 2018  53m

episode 24: For Your Eyes Ohranger Episode 20 - Iron Fist 100 Bursts!!

I've lost track of what happened on this episode, which is very embarrassing because I just finished editing it four minutes ago. I've been a bit sleepy this evening, and despite a few cups of coffee, the ol' brain box wasn't holding together very...


 April 10, 2018  1h8m

episode 25: For Your Eyes Ohranger Episode 21 - The Storm-Calling Kendama

Dave remembers what sleep feels like, Matt remembers what spring feels like, and an evil robot gets sneakily swapped in for a good robot! Email the show: Find Matt Jay on Twitter: @supersentaibros Find us on Facebook at...


 April 17, 2018  58m

episode 26: For Your Eyes Ohranger Episode 22 - The Classified Combination Order!!

Commute update makes a triumphant return to the five stars before a sleepy Matt and Dave get re-energized by an excellent episode of Ohranger! Email the show: Find Matt Jay on Twitter: @supersentaibros Find us on Facebook...


 April 25, 2018  58m

episode 27: For Your Eyes Ohranger Episode 23 - The Final Swimsuit

Okay, look, I edited this show a day or two ago, and I forget what the five stars were about this week. It'll be a surprise for all of us, alright? We can learn together! This week, she stood alone at ... the beach.   Email the show:...


 May 1, 2018  1h8m

episode 28: The Spider-Man Who Loved Me Episode 4 - The Terrifying Half Merman! The Miracle-Calling Silver Thread

Producer Mark and Friend of the Show Brian return for the fourth episode of The Spider-Man Who Loved Me. They review a poorly chosen five stars segment and share a fifteen year old story about the time Dave Jay played Rico in a dance production of...


 May 8, 2018  1h7m

episode 29: For Your Eyes Ohranger Episode 24 - The Laughing Nostalgic Man!!

Matt and Dave are back as we hit the *halfway* point of Ohranger!  How are we already halfway through Ohranger? Heck if I know, I swear we just started this season a month or two ago. Tune in to hear about weaponized nostalgia in an episode...


 May 15, 2018  1h3m

episode 30: For Your Eyes Ohranger Episode 25 - The Festival One-Shot Contest

This episode features a kooky mad scientist, a very hungry monster, and a new bazooka weapon! It doesn't make very much sense, but does it really need to with all those ingredients? No, it does not. Email the show: Find...


 May 23, 2018  1h2m