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SER119: The Rehabbening! (Oscars 2023)

In which and recap the 95th annual Academy Awards (aka "Oscars95!") and all that that implies.  Got a question for the SER FAQ?  E-mail: 



SER Bonus: The Hurricane Front

In which brings some personal updates to the mic, explains the show's current hiatus, and charts a course for the future of both. Thanks for listening!  Got a question for the SER FAQ?  E-mail: 


 2022-07-18  7m

SER118: I Take Big Swings (Oscars 2022)

In which and somehow pull off the crazy tandem feat of reaffirming their love of movies while also recapping the . Got a question for the SER FAQ?  E-mail: 


 2022-03-31  1h42m

SER 117: Vegetarian Antichrist!

In which and talk concert ruminations, Oscar prognostications, the weight of fan expectations, and whether the dog is okay.    TRAV's Watch Purging Belfast, Death On The Nile, Dog, Black Light, Uncharted, Marry Me, Summer School*,...


 2022-02-20  1h48m

SER 116: Where Are Your Blessed Rains Now!? 

In which and talk holiday box office, Oscar forecasts, fan space vs meat space, and the current state of the Legasequel (or Requel, if you're nasty.) Plus, watch purging and needlephobia!  *SPOILERS* for Moonfall, Jackass Forever, Matrix...


 2022-02-10  1h49m

SER 115: Smaller Pictures, Bigger Screens

In which and re-embrace the theatrical movie experience, and all that that implies. SPOILERS for Dune, Last Night In Soho, The Last Duel, The Eternals, Shang Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings, No Time To Die, Snake Eyes, The Sparks Brothers,...


 2021-11-11  1h41m

SER114: It's Raining Asterisks! (Oscars 2021)

In which and throw life and art into a blender and hit puree, in order to recap the in an appropriately haphazard fashion. SPOILERS for The Father, Judas And The Black Messiah, Mank, Minari, Nomadland, Promising Young Woman, Sound Of Metal, Trial...


 2021-04-28  3h2m

SER113: The Canonical Maclunkey

In which , , , and spend some quality time in the galaxy far far away, recapping the season finale of The Mandalorian (SPOILERS throughout) and discussing just announced by Disney.  Existential Troopers: &


 2020-12-22  1h46m

SER112: The Rule Of Cool

In which and Jonathan Westfall bathe in the unexpectedly still waters of The Mandalorian's latest episode (SPOILERS for Season 2 from 4:02-27:21) while and provide a grand finale (sprinkled with random kitteh participation) to their epic...


 2020-12-15  1h39m

SER111: Stop Saying The Title

In which and get geekier than usual over the latest episode of The Mandalorian (SPOILERS for Season 2 from 3:10-38:50) while and continue their watch-purging marathon, with critiques of classics and catastrophes alike. 


 2020-12-08  1h33m