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GeekAgenda051: Alien Jazz Hands

In which Thom & Andru are back to being a duo after an unprecedentedly long string of guest episodes, and immediately begin deconstructing their own show. Amid all manner of curtain-pulling and audience-polling, they also wax on (and off) about...


 2012-03-13  57m

GeekAgenda050: The Day After Tomorrow...Today!

In which Thom & Andru attempt to re-write history with Aaron Lyons and Jordan Monsell of Pulp Shakespeare, talking remix culture, meta-humor, artistic multitasking, and using Tarantino as a gateway drug to the world of the Bard. Also on the menu:...


 2012-03-06  1h0m

GeekAgenda049: Double Table Strength

In which Thom & Andru bond with movie ubergeek Travis J Coleman over the benefits of a big screen, shared theatre student experiences, a deep and abiding love of MST3k, and a collective shrug in the general direction of Oscar Night 2012. Plus, the...


 2012-02-28  58m

GeekAgenda048: You've Got To Take Out The Tabs

In which Thom & Andru are joined by special guest Helenna Santos Levy of Geek Girls Create to chat about the zombie future, the mix tape past, voca lcompetition shows that don't suck, and making one's own breaks in the world of new media. Plus, a...


 2012-02-21  58m

GeekAgenda047: Unnecessary Blood

In which Thom & Andru welcome back the dynamic Whovian duo of Ingrid Oliansky and Joshua Lou Friedman, to discuss the many-splendored glories that await attendees of this year’s Gallifrey One convention. Also up for discussion: action figure...


 2012-02-14  59m

GeekAgenda046: A Failure Of Blocking

In which Thom & Andru chat with filmmaker Josh Levy about Canadian comedy, Hutt anatomy, the delicate tightrope of back story, and the rabidfranchising of story in general. Also, Andru watches his first Super Bowl, Thom reviews Chronicle,...


 2012-02-07  58m

GeekAgenda044: Things That Never Were

In which Thom & Andru discuss fairy tales, fanboyisms, and the magic of Portland with author / podcaster / one-man nerdcyclopedia Aaron Duran, whose indie comic La Brujeria is heading into its 3rd issue. Also on the docket: catching up on old TV...


 2012-01-24  55m

GeekAgenda043: Confirmation Bias

In which Thom & Andru attempt to inject more structure into the show, which only throws the episode's frequent and severe digressions into sharper relief. Meandering side roads include new rules that all award shows should be made to honor, the...


 2012-01-17  57m

GeekAgenda042: A Venn Diagram With Only One Circle

In which Thom and Andru are joined by Chris Jackson and Robbie Rist of The Spoon for a conversational preponderance of pop culture potpourri, bemoaning the devolution of geek culture into empty hipsterism, even as they themselves play to the back of...


 2012-01-10  1h0m

GeekAgenda041: Siri Always Knows

In which Thom & Andru begin the new year with a flurry of film reviews, a bevy of book talk, a recounting of their holiday recreations, and an overage of obstinate opinions on everything from mo-cap to online vigilantism to pie. Also, the debut...


 2012-01-03  1h0m