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GeekAgenda006: Beware, I Live!

In which Thom & Andru chat with guest Peter Zachos about the joys of scoring film music, scoring high on classic arcade games, and scoring an awesome enough gig that the pay (or lack thereof) is irrelevant. Also, Rob & Chris from The Spoon pop...


 2011-05-03  1h0m

GeekAgenda005: Of Robots And Ribaldry

In which Thom & Andru earn their first ever explicit content advisory as they plunge headlong into a rambling conversation with actor/writers Graham Sibley and Tonya Cornelisse which covers everything from on location hi jinx involving phallic...


 2011-04-19  59m

GeekAgenda004: In Media De-rezz

In which Thom and Andru spend some quality time as a dramaturgical diad: recounting Andru's recent road shoot, bemoaning their status as Xbox dilettantes, taking comfort in the awkwardness of Wil Wheaton, expressing cautious optimism about some of...


 2011-04-12  59m

GeekAgenda003: The Fandom Menace

In which Andru is away making movies, leaving special guest Ingrid Oliansky to navigate Thom's neurotic conversational hyperlinking long enough to discuss the healing power of music, the perils of the Internet hivemind, and the enduring, ineffable...


 2011-04-05  58m

GeekAgenda002: Enter The Kaiju!

In which Thom and Andru drink deeply from the chawan of Japanese pop culture with self-confessed otaku Patrick McGrath, review The Adjustment Bureau, and dissect all manner of nerdy epithets. Music by Wonderboy


 2011-03-29  59m

GeekAgenda001: Now What!?

In which Thom and Andru fail to arrive at an empirical definition of "geek," but succeed in reviewing Battle Los Angeles, and have a delightful conversation with actor Brian Peck about movie memories, zombie legacies, and badass model-making....


 2011-03-22  59m