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SER078: Catch Him Quick, Kill Him Slow

In which Thom Bowers and Travis J Coleman say goodbye to the Jan Wenner era of Rolling Stone, hello (again) to the JJ Abrams era of Star Wars, and good luck to Margot Robbie in the newly Joker-tastic DCCU. Plus, epic watch purging...


 2017-09-28  1h26m

SER077: Is It Eclipsing Where You Are?

Embracing pop culture as the one true faith


 2017-08-25  1h26m

SER076: The St George Chronicles pt II ~ Crazy Like Allie Fox

In which Thom Bowers and Travis J Coleman wrap up their face to face Epic-sode with old movies, new TV, Comic Con FOMO, trailer fun, nerd heresy, an update on the Spielbinge Bergathon, and an important PSA regarding fair food....


 2017-08-11  1h55m

SER075: The St George Chronicles pt I ~ Thwarting Everywhere

In which Thom Bowers and Travis J Coleman meet in the meatspace to swap real life stories of music and moving, discuss a bunch of summer movie fare, and say goodbye to Mssrs Heard, Landau, and Romero.  TRAV's Watch...


 2017-08-04  1h23m

SER Bonus: PreFAQuel!

In which Thom Bowers presents an update on the state of the show, and solicits feedback for the upcoming SER Frequently Asked Questions list. Send us your brain droppings, and we'll have speaks with you soon!  Thom on Facebook  Thom on...


 2017-07-18  4m

SER074: Cheering For Agency

In which Thom Bowers and Travis J Coleman marvel (heh) at the triumph of DC's Wonder Woman, ponder parent-less protagonists, list obsolete franchises, bid farewell to Sir Roger Moore, find a new use for Ronny Jordan's "The Jackal", and so much...


 2017-06-09  1h25m

SER Commentary: Men In Black

Insights, anecdotes, jocularity, and multiple alien goo spit-takes from Thom Bowers, Bernie Bregman, and Robbie Rist. (Plus, a special mystery guest!) Whether you're Joining us for the Nerds Like Us midnight movie screening or watching at home,...


 2017-05-18  1h41m

SER073: First Xandar, Then Dairy Queen, Then The Universe

In which Thom Bowers and Travis J Coleman brave bad breakfasts, misfire musical memories, and tabulate a tidal wave of lalalalala, all while hashing out their thoughts on Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 amidst this week's Watch Purging. Plus,...


 2017-05-11  1h32m

SER072: Attack The Darkness!

In which Thom Bowers and Travis J Coleman enjoy things that are like the things that they are (including The Fate Of The Furious, the trailer for The Last Jedi, and the return of Mystery Science Theater 3000) along with one thing (Colossal)...


 2017-04-27  1h6m

SER071: Manatee Class Ticket

In which Thom Bowers and Travis J Coleman purge the watches, preview the summer, promote proper nomenclature, and generally prog up the joint. Plus, claymation, cinerama, and McGinley, oh my! ...


 2017-04-20  1h49m