Supertop Podcast

Behind the scenes at Supertop as Pádraig and Oisín reflect on their work as indie developers.



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38. We Sold Castro!

Pádraig and Oisín discuss selling a majority stake in Castro to Tiny.


 2018-12-12  43m

37. More Users or More Subscribers?

We discuss how we can better introduce the features of Castro and improve the Castro Plus subscription pitch. To do that we need to understand how people are using the app and measure how well the changes we make are working.


 2018-10-29  49m

36. CarPlay, Drag & Drop, Castro 3.1, Panoply, and Subscriber Counts

Padraig has a new CarPlay unit to debug with. We reflect on the work we did for Drag & Drop last summer. Castro 3.1 is out with Sideloading and Chapter Preselection. We discuss a new targeted marketing platform from Panoply, and the (in)accuracy of r ...


 2018-08-14  45m

Castro Updates, China, and Anchor

In this episode with discuss the just released Castro 3.0.4 and what’s coming in 3.1, as well as trying to improve Castro’s performance in China, and thoughts on Anchor.


 2018-07-27  33m

No Official Raccoon Subscribers (Yet)

We discuss subscriber projections for Castro and things we’ve been doing at Supertop to keep us motivated on the road to sustainability.


 2018-07-13  20m

33. Launching Castro 3

We discuss the launch of Castro 3: pre-launch drama, launch day emotions, subscription feedback, reviews, and thoughts about future updates.


 2018-06-14  46m

Castro 3 Wrap Up

Oisin and Padraig discuss the wrap-up of Castro 3 development and reveal the features that current Castro users can expect in 3.0


 2018-04-27  34m

Subscription Antics

We give an overview of why we feel good about moving to subscription pricing for Castro and then discuss some of the issues we’ve experienced preparing for the transition.


 2018-03-29  28m

Redesigning The Player

Oisín and Pádraig follow up on feedback about moving Castro to a subscription business model, then discuss the work they've been doing on Castro 3.


 2018-02-28  33m

Castro 3’s Business Model

Oisín & Pádraig discuss the different options for Castro 3’s business model and the reasons behind the model they’ve chosen.


 2018-01-30  40m