Sweet Buzz - Scaling a Digital B2B Business With Dancho Dimkov

Looking forward to hearing the latest buzz on how to scale your business? ???? Dancho Dimkov, the mastermind behind BizzBee Solutions, reflects on some of his daily life's most mundane and peculiar occurrences, providing you with something sweet to chew on. Who says that you can't take a shortcut to growth? ???? Let Dancho's everyday life and business stories pave your way to a successful B2B digital business and save you a mistake or two. ????


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episode 225: #225 Your Next Big Risk

Today's episode is a bit different because I'm taking you along on a drive while I prepare for some morning exercise. Now, let's dive into a topic I consider incredibly important - taking risks, especially the big ones. The other day, while enjoying some beers with a friend, we discussed life and risk-taking. As we talked, I had a major realization: my biggest wins have always come when I took substantial risks, never when I played it safe...


 September 29, 2023  11m

episode 224: #224 The Value Of Network

I recently found myself with a half-hour gap in my morning routine, thanks to getting my son ready for school. So, I thought, why not use this time to record a podcast and share some insights? Today, I want to talk about networking and how, as entrepreneurs, we often get so caught up in the day-to-day operations of our businesses that we forget about the power of networking...


 September 26, 2023  9m

episode 223: #223 Exploitation vs Exploration

I've been diving into some inspiring TED talks, and I stumbled upon one discussing the two reasons why companies fail and how to avoid them. The theory is intriguing: companies can either be in exploitation mode, focused on monetizing what they have, or in exploration mode, constantly chasing the next big thing. But here's the catch – both extremes are risky. Only 2% of companies strike the right balance...


 September 22, 2023  6m

episode 222: #222 Do You Have A List Of Fears?

I've got a little detour from the usual sales stories. You see, I've taken it upon myself to enroll in an online academy – the Early Warning Europe Mentor Academy. It's been a fascinating journey so far. As a consultant, mentoring and consulting go hand in hand, right? But what really grabbed my attention here is how we're sharpening our skills to help companies and mentees overcome various obstacles...


 September 19, 2023  9m

episode 221: #221 Psychology Of Pricing - The Decoy Effect

I stumbled upon a fascinating concept known as the "Decoy Effect" in pricing psychology. After diving into an academic paper, I discovered that adding a deliberately overpriced third option in your pricing strategy can profoundly influence consumer choices. This "decoy" option isn't meant to be sold but to change how customers perceive the other two options. The real magic of the decoy effect is that it doesn't require more effort or changes to your offerings...


 September 15, 2023  10m

episode 220: #220 A Confused Mind Doesn't Buy

When I started my business, I offered many services, leaving potential clients overwhelmed with choices. This approach led to confusion and difficulties in closing deals. Later, even after narrowing down my services to B2B lead generation, I made the mistake of presenting too many proposal options. Clients often needed to learn what they needed, and I would end up sending multiple proposals, which again led to confusion and a lack of successful conversions...


 September 12, 2023  10m

episode 219: #219 A New Tweak In Our Outreach Framework

Whether you're a sales enthusiast, a business owner, or someone looking to improve your lead-generation strategies, this episode is for YOU!

As a semi-retired person, I'm excited to share my personal journey in the world of sales consultancy. I'll take you behind the scenes of my work with a German startup, targeting product owners and head of product roles...


 September 8, 2023  11m

episode 218: #218 Entrepreneurial Freedom vs Routines

I used to crave freedom as an entrepreneur, but it came with its own set of limitations. However, I've come to see my son's school schedule as a hidden blessing. It's given me an anchor and a chance to establish new routines. I've taken the initiative to enroll my son and myself in swimming lessons, and I plan to incorporate regular gym sessions into my mornings...


 September 5, 2023  12m

episode 217: #217 Family Moments and Business Wonders

Even though it might get a bit noisy, I'm happy to share some recent news and updates with you. It's September 1st, and we're officially entering the fourth quarter of 2023. Can you believe it? August was a whirlwind for us as we welcomed ten new clients, and I have to say, it was pretty incredible. And today was extra special because my older child had his very first day of school. It was a heartwarming experience...


 September 1, 2023  5m

episode 216: #216 I'm Looking For A Coachable Sales Closer

Can you believe it's already August 29th? Time is going by so fast. So, I've got something to share with you today. Last week, I took on a triathlon and crossed the finish line. Even with a rib injury. It was tough, but I made it. At BizzBee, we've been diving deep into sales. We've welcomed nine new clients this August, adding to the eight from July. Quite a leap from the one client in June and two in May...


 August 29, 2023  11m