Swingers After Dark

The Bad Boy of Erotica, Nah'Sun the Great, delivers the undisputed #1 podcast for Swingers and relationships beyond the Lifestyle. You'll laugh, smile, frown, and might even hate some of the words you'll hear as you tune in, but one thing's for sure and two thing's for certain, you'll enjoy every second of the in-your-face edu-tainment value that your soon-to-be favorite author brings to the table. So subscribe, share, like, rate, review and leave a comment whether you love or hate the show, because the bedroom ain't the only playground for Swingers...aye!


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Fuck You

The beautiful intro to the best podcast about Swingers


 2018-11-04  7m

SwingTalk 2 - The Kane Xklusive Episode

Chopping it up with Kane Xklusiv, founder of Texas-based Xklusiv Playmates


 2019-03-24  9m

episode 1: Prostitution @ Swing Parties

No tricks with treats @ Swing Parties where sex for dollars is NOT allowed


 2018-11-06  12m

 2019-02-08  7m

episode 1: Dirty After Dark - Sex with My Girlfriend's Daughter

Listen, but don't touch *wink*


 2019-06-02  10m

episode 2: She's Not Obligated to F*** You Because You Donated

Money doesn't guarantee you those cookies


 2018-11-08  12m

episode 2: When Getting Too Much Pussy Is Boring

Sometimes too much of anything is bad


 2019-02-15  14m

episode 2: Dirty After Dark - Head Cheerleader Cheats on Her Boyfriend with Me

What happens during college Spring Break in Florida, Stays in Florida


 2019-06-16  9m

episode 3: A Wife and Her Boyfriends

Polyamory is no longer a man's game


 2018-11-13  7m

episode 3: How to Have a One Night Stand Without Catching Feelings

What's good for one, maybe bad for another


 2019-02-22  9m