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Greetings, and welcome. “Instead of just giving-up.” That is the key-sentence, when it comes to why I, after return from homelessness in Germany, restarted my #ebook writing and #audiofiction #storytelling. My skill level is limited, but I am no longer doing really bad. I follow the author 101, I run proofreading software, I place the explicit language warning, when needed, and I am by now an award-winning author & an award-winning reviewer. My fascination for synthetic voices began, when I tried to avoid a clear rip-off by voice actors, who asked sums of $ 50.00,- to $ 250,- (each participant PER HOUR OF WORK), without any guarantees, or qualifications, offered in return. I know that #audiofiction is not as entertaining, as full-cast #audiodrama. But I also know, what I can do on my own, and what (sadly) not yet. I am a street-survivor, one more idiot, who thought he could recover from university dropout, and a man with some supposedly terminal-in-ending health issues. I am also still a nicotine addict aka smoker. The basic files of this podcast here are all cost-free...

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Last Brouhaha Standing - A Vampire the Masquerade Roleplayers Tale of Midlife Crisis, Butthurt & Self-Pity

Midlife Crisis triggered, when reminded of having been there, when Vampire the Masquerade First Edition still sold. There comes a moment when our own ego no longer bathes us in ignorance, and we realize that midlife crisis is just another mainstream simplification. Real-life rarely looks as polished, as the movies. Real-life hurts us with or without justification, and that real life was worth it for a while, as it brought all the joy, all the sex, and all the indulgence we loved, too...


 2021-07-23  12m

OTHERWORLDLY - Contemplating Lovecraft's FROM BEYOND

To me, it started with a punchline I had received ago: `An Afro-American invented Basketball, but a Whitey (Caucasian American) registered the invention & stole all the money and fame!´

Now, trapped in home-office with not exactly quality hardware & software, I finally had time to finish a minimalist contemplation on the mentioned Lovecraft story titled `From Beyond´.

  • Background Music: Thanks to www.tabletopaudio...


 2021-07-22  20m

The Other Sort of Security Guard

A less Lovecraftian story, which I wrote live-stream aka on site of storymirror dot com: A former drunkard insists that he got up his lazy behind & goes to work again. I think, the final twist was not good enough yet. A future revision may remedy that.

#Lovecraftian #Detective #KhabyLame

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 2021-07-05  10m

Audio Adaptation - In the Dark (GhostStory)

The original version by E. Nesbit comes in supposedly copyright-free versions. Check your countries law aka national law, as such varies.

Here, I had the text only version, and tried to add music and a narrator with accent from India. Goal was to get used to forms of English from outside my own comfort zone...


 2021-06-30  12m

THE SLEEPOVER - One Seance to fool 'em All!

A ghost contemplates recent attempts to get contacted by using an Ouija board. Originally written on storymirror dot com, hence a first draft WITHOUT improving by critics!

Warning: Pretty vulgar language used!

#ghoststory #OuijaBoard #podcastfiction

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 2021-06-27  6m

Restored Oldie - Not, as shown in the Movies!

This is a renewed audio edition of the written story I submitted at:

`A bus ride home from work takes an unexpected turn, when two unlikely passengers talk about how they perceive life, and what they consider just and proper...´

Background Music: Thanks to

Note: The story was too long already, as it is...


 2021-06-21  8m

Experimental Horror - Only Four Escaped Alive

When KULT was still my favorite RPG...


 2021-06-19  10m

The Shemham Forest Incident (Spoof, Parody, Satire)

Infinite ways to fall prey to voices in our heads...


 2021-06-16  5m

 2021-06-16  6m

Remastered MP3 - Unsung Heroes -Felled By The Fever

The Undead Onslaught of La Corona?


 2021-06-15  5m