Tabletop Genesis

Welcome to Tabletop Genesis, where you will know what it means to be a lamb lying down beyond the silver rainbow while Duke dances on a volcano. Actually it's just a few friends sitting around a table talking about their favorite band Genesis, but it promises to be as equally silly and surreal. Join your hosts Simon Godfrey, Stacy Godfrey, Mike Lord, Eli Noetinger, and Tom Roche as they wax poetic on everything Genesis - from the songs to the tours to the evolution of Mike Rutherford's facial hair.

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Tabletop Genesis Episode 35 –“The 2019 Tours of Phil Collins and Steve Hackett”

A very special Tabletop Genesis episode, where your erstwhile host, Mike Lord, reflects on his attendance at the 2019 Phil Collins and Steve Hackett shows. Plus, he takes questions from the teeming masses on Twitter! What could be better?



Tabletop Genesis Episode 34 – “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway Part 2”

In Part One of their discussion of 1974’s “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway,” the Tabletop joined Rael as his journey took him from the streets of Manhattan to a chamber of 32 doors. In this episode, the group explores sides three and four of the epic co...


 2019-12-20  2h8m

Tabletop Genesis Episode 33 –“The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway Part 1”

The Tabletop descends upon Manhattan as they follow Rael on his epic journey as told in the 1974 concept album, “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway.” This episode covers sides one and two of the Genesis masterpiece,


 2019-11-18  2h1m

Tabletop Genesis Episode 32 –“Richard Macphail Interview Part 2”

In part two of our interview with Richard Macphail, the former Genesis road manager shares more stories from his time with the band and reveals his favorite tracks from each of their albums.


 2019-09-20  48m

Tabletop Genesis Episode 31 –“Genesis Live”

The Tabletop drops the needle on the first live album from Genesis, a fantastic five-song (and one unaccompanied bass pedal solo) snapshot of the group in top form during the 1973 Foxtrot tour.


 2019-07-31  1h20m

Tabletop Genesis Episode 30 – “So”

Hi there! Don’t give up, because the Tabletop is back with a new episode in which they say anything about Peter Gabriel’s smash 1986 album, “So.” Open up your ears (and fruit cages) and have a listen!


 2019-03-29  1h56m

Tabletop Genesis Episode 29 –“Interview with Richard Macphail”

Though Genesis dedicated their first live album to a friend “who left April, 1973,” Richard Macphail tells the Tabletop that reports of his death were grossly exaggerated. In a lively sit-down interview, the unofficial sixth member of early Genesis rem...


 2019-01-25  1h7m

Tabletop Genesis Episode 28 – “From Genesis to Revelation”

We’re waiting for you, come and join us now … as we look back on Genesis’ 1969 debut album, “From Genesis to Revelation.” No need to hang out in limbo when you can follow the members of the Tabletop to the land where the rainbow ends …


 2018-10-19  1h56m

Tabletop Genesis Episode 27 –“Interview with Tony Banks”

Called the “only irreplaceable member of Genesis” by manager Tony Smith, founding member Tony Banks has created countless chord sequences that have made up the soundtrack to the lives of Genesis fans everywhere. In our interview with the legend,


 2018-08-24  1h28m

Tabletop Genesis Episode 26 –“Seconds Out” (Redux)

Genesis’ tour de force 1977 live album Seconds Out is revisited, this time with the Tabletop giving the masterpiece its deserved track-by-track breakdown. Plus, which version of Supper’s Ready do fans prefer: Peter’s Foxtrot or Phil’s Seconds Out?


 2018-02-02  1h52m