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The podcast show that keeps you in the loop with lesbian and queer news, entertainment, and events. Your hosts discuss popular stories and articles, as well as hot topics, queer history, and more! Tagg Nation is the brainchild of Tagg Magazine, a publication for the queer women's community.


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Episode 126 - Throwback Thursday

We're going back with an episode from April 2017. This was right about the time when Ashley was still a newbie to the Tagg Nation crew. Can you feel the chemistry? In this blast from the past episode, the Tagg Nation hosts have an impromptu ice...


 2019-04-18  1h0m

Episode 125 - Pop Culture & Politics: Queer Baiting and the Equality Act

  We jump right into pop culture this episode. Did you hear about Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner declaring her attraction to men and women? Ariana Grande also hints at this in one of her songs. We discuss their declaration of not labeling...


 2019-04-04  33m

Episode 124 - Queer History: Gayborhoods Atlanta Part 1

It's Queer History with Jade! You've been asking for it, so we are returning with our Gayborhood series with Part 1 of Atlanta.We kick things off starting with 1837 to 1979. Also, Chelsea hips us to a little Black gay slang. Do you know what a bussy...


 2019-03-29  45m

Episode 124 - Queer History: Gayborhoods Atlanta Pt.1

  It's Queer History with Jade! We know how much you love our gayborhood series, so we are back with Atlanta. Part one starts way back in the day, 1837 to 1979. Chelsea also hips us to some queer slang. Have you heard of "bussy?" It should be...


 2019-03-29  45m

Episode 123 - Pop Culture and Trending on Tagg: Movies That Missed the Mark

  The gang's all back! Ashley, Chelsea and Jade take some time to catch up about lesbian weddings and new jobs. We also take some time to come clean...because we care about you. Before jumping into our Trending on Tagg article, we had to talk a...


 2019-03-14  45m

Episode 122 - Queer Dating History with Ashley Linder

  We're shaking up queer history with Ashley. Our own Eunikorn Kweif jumps into her history of being lizard lips in elementary school to her current dating status. Also, she explores the questions: what is lesbian identity? What are labels? What...


 2019-03-05  35m

Episode 121 - Chelsea is Put to the Test

As we gear up to find some amazing guests for our Gag series this year, our own Chelsea Shorte puts herself to the test. Chelsea talks about her perfect date to find out who she will marry. She also finds out if and how she would be eliminated from...


 2019-02-21  23m

Episode 120 - Trending on Tagg: Prioritizing Your Health

  Whether or not you believe in making New Year’s resolutions, the months of January and February is a fantastic time to take inventory of your health and well-being. A simple step you can take to make sure you’re on track to start out the...


 2019-02-15  33m

Episode 119 - Congress Has a New Look, Supporting Jussie Smollet and The L Word Reboot

    We have a lot to talk about this week! We start off with our ice breaker asking, "What is one thing you're going to do to love yourself better this month?" Congress has a new look and we are absolutely here for it. 117 women were elected...


 2019-02-08  49m

Episode 118 - Trending on Tagg: Trans Inclusion and TERF Rhetoric

  Recently, Tagg co-signed an open letter to our community. Tagg is proud to stand with other lesbian and queer women's media outlets with a message of solidarity to the Trans community. The statement received a lot of mixed responses of support...


 2019-01-24  49m