Taking Control: The ADHD Podcast

Since 2010, Nikki Kinzer and Pete Wright have offered support, life management strategies, and time and technology tips, dedicated to anyone looking to take control while living with ADHD.


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episode 13: Taking Care of YOU is Taking Care of Your ADHD

We’re back from The 2020 Virtual International Conference on ADHD and this year, we’re not just back as attendees, but as presenters. The big message of the conference was about taking care of your b…


 2020-11-17  38m

episode 12: At the Corner of ADHD Avenue and Panic Street

We’re on the edge around these parts, pressured by the environment, the overwhelming weight of politics in the US, and all the associated symptoms that come with it. Pete’s been pretty open about his…


 2020-11-10  27m

episode 11: Growing Up with Undiagnosed ADHD with Tara Koch

It's not easy being missed, especially when you know you're not quite relating to the world the same way your peers are. For Tara Koch, like so many in our community, the ADHD diagnosis came decades…


 2020-11-03  35m

episode 10: Inattentive ADHD Misdiagnosis with Dr. Michelle Frank

Dr. Michelle Frank is a clinical psychologist specializing in providing diagnostic and treatment services to individuals with ADHD. She joins us today to talk about inattentive ADHD and the…


 2020-10-27  41m

episode 9: In the Shadow of the Haunt List: Productivity with Dr. Marilyn Paul

Dr. Marilyn Paul is a coach and organizational change consultant. She joins us today to talk about how to break the addiction to productivity without shame, free to own our ADHD brains, and get…


 2020-10-20  45m

episode 8: ADHD Stresspectations

We’re stressed! Clients are stressed. Kids are stressed. We’re all stressed. Why? Because when you’re living with ADHD, you’re getting more negative messages thrown at you like so many darts than tho…


 2020-10-13  30m

episode 7: ADHD Parenting Principles with Dr. Russell Barkley

Dr. Russell Barkley has been something of a firebrand in the ADHD community for over four decades. With twenty-five books — 43 separate editions — and his name behind numerous assessment scales and j…


 2020-10-06  55m

episode 6: Parenting Complex Kids with ImpactParents’ Diane Dempster & Elaine Taylor-Klaus

They may have pivoted to parents, but Diane Dempster and Elaine Taylor-Klaus still bring every bit of their Impact! Today they join us to talk about parenting complex kids in a complex era along…


 2020-09-29  52m

episode 5: Study Habits For the ADHD Student

If you’re a well-practiced student, you probably have your own system and set of practices for doing that job. Taking notes, studying, preparing projects, taking exams ... you know what works for y…


 2020-09-22  31m

episode 4: Back-to-School: Planning Time and Tasks

You’re heading back to school. You’ve got your books. You’ve got your syllabus. You’ve got your pencils and notebooks. And you’re even feeling great about your class schedule. You’ve got this. Only one question remains. When are you going to do the work?


 2020-09-15  26m