Taking Control: The ADHD Podcast

Since 2010, Nikki Kinzer and Pete Wright have offered support, life management strategies, and time and technology tips, dedicated to anyone looking to take control while living with ADHD.


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episode 3: Going Back to School Online

Make no bones about it: there is nothing normal about our back-to-school experience this year. Whether you’re heading to college on campus or distance, you and your ADHD are no doubt impacted. We h…


 2020-09-08  34m

episode 2: Reclaiming Email

You’ve tried email bankruptcy. You know all about filing. But sometimes you have to ask yourself: How did you fall back into email overload... again? First things first: It’s not just you. It’s commo…


 2020-09-01  1h0m

episode 1: Transitions

Waking up. Going to sleep. Eating. Email. Meetings. Games. Family time. Illness. That list goes on, and on, and on. What do those things have in common? They all involve requiring the brain to…


 2020-08-25  38m

REBROADCAST: Quick Organizing Tips to Help You Feel Great!

We’re almost at the end of our July hiatus and gearing up for our regular podcast schedule this August. For now, how about a recent rebroadcast to remind us all about the little things we can do to feel good today!


 2020-07-21  28m

episode 28: In the Money Zone — A Budgetary Q$A!

We're at the end of our mini-series on ADHD and money and, just like with our finances, we have to be ready to PIVOT! When a guest has a last minute conflict, we're ready to talk about budgets, and…


 2020-06-30  53m

episode 27: Budgeting & Debt with Chelsea Brennan from SmartMoneyMamas.com

Do you get the feeling that ADHD is in the way of your relationship with money? While it may feel like you're struggling alone, money is a struggle for many people, with and without ADHD. This week…


 2020-06-23  1h2m

episode 26: Mindset, Money, & ADHD

This week on the show, Nikki Kinzer lays out the facts as we embark on a series of conversations dedicated to ADHD and money.


 2020-06-16  38m

episode 25: Q & A!

We've been piling on episodes the last 8 weeks so it's time to take a break to do a little listener email!


 2020-06-09  1h1m


The podcasts of RashPixelFM, including The ADHD Podcast, are silent this week in support of all those who stand and fight for justice, equality, and peace.


 2020-06-02  8m

episode 438: The Sunday Basket with Lisa Woodruff

Just what is The Sunday Basket? It's a weekly appointment with your future self. It's the promise you make to manage your home and support your responsibilities. Oh, and it's a bucket... the most powerful bucket you'll own.


 2020-05-26  43m